Joint BMC/BAMC Meeting Minutes

University of Warwick Wednesday 20th October 1999.

Garth Dales (BMC), Dugald McPherson (BMC), Bob Odoni (BMC), Chris Budd (BAMC), David Broomhead (BAMC), David Needham (BAMC), Alan Newell (Warwick), Andrew Stuart (Warwick), Caroline Series (Warwick), Colin Rourke (Warwick), Robert MacKay (Warwick)

The focus was the joint meeting in Warwick 2002, April 7 - 12th inclusive.
The items discussed were:
  1. Plenary Speakers.
    Several names were added to the list prepared by the Warwick organisers in order to help address three concerns:
    (a) We need to cover more traditional areas of pure mathematics (the names Borcherds, Coifman, Fefferman, Gowers, Stein were added).
    (b) There has been a concerted effort to include Numerical Analysis in BAMC events (Trefethan was added).
    (c) We need to make sure that theoretical Mechanics is well represented (John Chapman was suggested to give the Stewartson Lecture);
    David Needham will send ACN some suggestions for people in the areas of structural geology and geophysics to act as organisers of minisymposia. The current list is:
    Anderson, Nowak Ball Borcherds *Chapman (acn) Coifman, Fefferman, Stein *Daubechies Donoho (as) *Diaconis (cms/wk) *Gowers (cms) *Gromov (dbae) *Karp (as/mp) Kelley Lyons (Pierre Louis) *Marsden (acn) *McMullen (cms), Yoccoz, Minsky (cms) *Mumford (cms) *Sarnak (cms) *Trefethen (as) *Zakharov (acn)
    The names with asterisks will be the first to be approached. Approaches will be made by personal contact and a formal letter of invitation. Not all are likely to accept.
  2. Meeting format.
    There was a strong consensus that some attempts be made to meld the two formats. For example, poster sessions will be open to all participants from both the BMC and BAMC and prizes will be awarded for outstanding efforts. In addition, the splinter groups will be organised ahead of time. BMC participants will be invited to send in abstracts for talks and many of these abstracts will be organised into the afternoon sessions covering various themes. The minisymposia of the BAMC will contain expository talks of 50 minutes (or two complementary 25 minute talks) devoted to themes of developing interest. A proposed meeting outline for the whole 5 days, Monday 8th - Friday 12th will be presented to both the BMC Committee at Leeds and the BAMC Committee at UMIST this spring.
  3. We went over the funding sources in some detail. It was agreed that we would charge a common registration fee in the neighbourhood of £50 for established professionals. Publishers will be expected to pay more for space and access.
  4. We discussed logistical details. There will be receptions Tuesday and Thursday evenings and the meeting dinner will be Wednesday.
  5. The group recommended to the BMC/BAMC Scientific Committee that, when they meet Spring 2000 they make a decision to request bids for another joint meeting in 2005.