British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Glasgow: Glasgow 2001.

The enrolment was 190.

Organisers were R Odoni

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Berestycki, H Propagation of fronts in periodic media
Brou&eacute;, M GL<sub>n</sub> over a field with x elements (x an indeterminate)
Damon, H Periods of modular forms and rational points on elliptic curves
Taubes, C What we know and don't know about 4-dimensinal manifolds

The morning speakers were:

Bournaveas, N Low regularity solutions of the Klein-Gordon-Dirac equations
de Jeu, R Algebraic K-theory and special values of zeta and L-functions
Falconer, K J Mercerian theorems - old and new
Gordon, C Dehn surgery on knots
Ivanov, A Local characterisations of graphs and geometries
Jerrum, M R Approximating the permanent
K&ouml;nig, S Schur algebras and representations of general linear and symmetric groups
Kozlowski, O Structural stability in one-dimensional dynamics
Leary, I Doing things properly with metrics
Levi, R Homotopy finite group theory
McKee, J F Snakes, stars, and Salem numbers
Martin, P A physicist's approach to algebraic representation theory
Nikulin, V V A theory of Lorentzian Kac-Moody algebras
Wilson, R Victorian combinatorics

Special session: Partial differential equations

Chemin, J-Y Anisotropy in incompressible viscous fluids
Collet, P Epsilon entropy per unit volume and related quantities for dissipative PDEs in unbounded domains
Grenier, E Stability of boundary layers through Green's functions
Shirikyan, A Ergodicity for the randomly forced equations of mathematical physics

Special session: Modular forms

Buzzard, K Slopes of modular forms
Gekeler, E -U Observations about Eisenstein series for the modular group
Tilouine, J Siegel modular forms and the Taylor-Wiles system