General Meeting Minutes for 2002

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Arts Centre Conference Room, University of Warwick at 7.45 pm on Monday 8th April 2002.
  1. Minutes of the AGM of the 53rd BMC, Glasgow 2001.

    Minutes approved.
  2. Matters arising not dealt with elsewhere.

  3. Accounts of the 53d BMC, Glasgow 2001 and outgoing statement of reserve fund.

    Accounts and statement accepted.
  4. Reorganisation of the Scientific Committee.

    PROPOSAL: To adopt the reorganisation as detailed in the paper.

    DISCUSSION: VAT issue (irrelevant), Chairman's term of office (three years left unchanged).

    The following amendments were made:


    (a) First line to read: "The Scientific Committee shall have fourteen members including the Chairman:"

    (b) replace "(annually)" by "(usually)"

    (c) replace "two members ..." by "three members ..."

    4. (v)
    The words "in addition" were inserted in the first line after "shall".

    The last clause starting "on the nomination ..." was deleted and replaced by the following sentence:
    "The Scientific Committee is expected to make at least one nomination, to be published at least two weeks in advance of the relevant meeting."


    The motion to adopt the reorganisation as detailed and amended was proposed by Sheila Brenner and seconded by Helen Robinson. It was carried nem con.
  5. Election of Chair of Scientific Committee

    Garth Dales was nominated, proposed by Helen Robinson and seconded by Peter Neumann. There were no further nominations and Garth Dales was elected nem con.
  6. Election of one member of the Scientific Committee by the AGM

    There were two nominations: Peter Balash (proposed by Garth Dales) and Ulrike Tillmann (proposed by Sheila Brenner).

    The candidates withdrew and Ulrike Tillmann was elected by a show of hands.
  7. Preliminary oral report on the Warwick BMC/BAMC (Chairman).

    The Chairman talked briefly about the organisation and finances (initial impressions are that there may be a deficit). In discussion the feeling was expressed that the meeting was worth the effort. It was felt that there ought to be joint meetings in future but not every meeting should be joint. The timing of the two meetings and the joint (overlap) topics was discussed.
  8. Oral progress report on the Birmingham BMC, 2003 (Rob Curtis).

    Plenaries are mostly arranged and planning is now going ahead for special sessions and morning speakers.
  9. Oral report on the Belfast BMC, 2004 (David Armitage).

    This will be held 5th - 8th April 2004. It will be a joint meeting with the Irish Mathematical Society.
  10. Locations for 2005/6.

    2005: Liverpool invited the BMC for 2005 and the invitation was welcomed and accepted provisionally (depending on the BAMC's decision as to whether the Liverpool meeting should be a joint meeting).

    2006: Newcastle has been approached and is likely to invite the BMC for 2006 (or for 2005 if the Liverpool joint meeting is postponed).
  11. Any Other Business

Meeting Closed at 8:47pm.

Minutes signed by Adam Epstein (Secretary) and Colin Rourke (Chairman) (undated).