British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Birmingham: Birmingham 2003.

The enrolment was 278.

Organisers were R Curtis

The plenary speakers were:

Alperin, J L The stable equivalence problem
Andrews, G Ramanujan's lost notebook, reflections after 27 years of study
Conway, J H Groups and lattices
Gowers, W T Interactions between harmonic analysis and combinatorial number theory
Harris, M The local Langlands conjecture

The morning speakers were:

Bavula, V Maximal commutative subalgebras of simple infinite-dimensional algebras
Bridgeland, T Derived categories in algebraic geometry
Bridson, M R Curvature and decidability in geometry and group theory
Chuang, J Symmetric groups and derived categories
Csörnyei, M Absolutely continuous functions
Erdmann, K Symmetry and fractals
Gow, R New light on William Rowan Hamilton
Grojnowski, I Hilbert schemes and integrable systems
Körner, T Besicovitch via Baire
Preiss, D Negligible sets, differentiability and a few strange remarks
Robertson, E F Tait, Maxwell and knot theory
Series, C M Recent developments in hyperbolic geometry
Slaman, T On the Turing jump
Strickland, N P Elliptic cohomology
Wilkie, A J 0-minimality
Willis, G A A canonical form for automorphisms of totally disconnected groups

Special lecture

Singh, S Cracking the cipher challenge

Special session: Group theory, Organiser: C Parker

Meierfrankenfeld, U Groups of local characteristic p
Segal, D Subgroups of profinite groups and uniform bounds for finite groups
Tent, K Characterizing groups of Lie type

Special session: Analytic topology, Organiser: J Greenlees

Mill, J van Complete Erdös space is unstable
Watson, S

Special session: Mathematics Education, Organiser: T Gardiner

Aharoni, R What I learnt in primary school
Laursen, K B Can the goals of mathematics teaching be phrased in competency terms?
Robson, J C Current activities in mathematics education in the UK