British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Belfast (Joint with IMS): Belfast (Joint with IMS) 2004.

The enrolment was 232.

Organisers were M Mathieu

The partner for this BMC was IMS

The plenary speakers were:

Kechris, A Fraisse limits, Ramsey theory and topological dynamics of automorphism groups
Patterson, S J Squaring circles and circling squares: Gauss's Circle Problem
Pisier, G Factorization of completely bounded maps on "exact" C*-algebras and operator spaces
Procesi, C The role of the Cayley-Hamilton identity in representation theory
Zelmanov, E On large pro-p groups
Ziegler, G On the combinatorics of the 3-sphere

The morning speakers were:

Buckley, S Gromov hyperbolicity for analysts
Carne, T K How an analytic functio changes the length of a radius
Carroll, T Harmonic measure in parabola-shaped regions in </i><b>R</b><i><sup>n</sup>
Dineen, S Banach-valued spectra
Ellis, G Polytopes and the cohomology of groups
Huggett, S Tutte polynomials of links, graphs and matroids
Marsh, R Cluster algebras and tilting theory
Merkulov, S Infinity constructions of local geometries
Pfeiffer, G Subgroups and cosets in infinite Coxeter groups
Pott, S Admisaability of observation operators and vector BMO functions
Rees, S M Dynamics and automatic structure of groups
Wood, A The influence of G C Stokes on the modern asymptotic theory of differential equations

Special session: Non-commutative functional analysis, Organisers: R Archbold and M Mathieu

Junge, M Embedding of the operator space OH and related results
Neufang, M Quantisation in abstract harmonic analysis
Rordam, M Purely infinite C*-algebras

Special session: Combinatorics, Organisers: J Siemons and L Helbeisen

Brightwell, G R The number of linear extensions of a partially ordered set
Riordan, O Scale-free random graphs
Scott, A Independent sets, lattice gases and the Lovasz local lemma