Scientific Committee meeting: September 2005


De Morgan House, London: 21 September 2005, 11.00 am
  1. Welcome.
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of membership, secretary for meeting
    List of members enclosed
  4. Minutes of meeting in Liverpool on 5 April 2005.
    Copy enclosed
  5. Matters arising not covered elsewhere.
  6. Future BMCs.
    Invitations to Swansea (16-19 April 2007) and York (25-28 March 2008) accepted at the AGM in Liverpool.
  7. Report on the meeting with BAMC representatives on 20 September.
  8. Preliminary thoughts on 2009 and 2010
  9. Report on the Liverpool meeting 2005
    Report and financial statement enclosed.
  10. Plans for Newcastle 2006
  11. Plans for Swansea 2007
  12. Plans for York 2008
  13. Any other business
  14. Date of next meeting in Newcastle.
Edmund Robertson
14 September 2005

Minutes of the Scientific Committee of the BMC held at the LMS, De Morgan House, Russell Square, London at 11 am on 22 September 2005.

Edmund Robertson (Chair),
LMS: Rachel Camina (Cambridge), Garth Dales (Leeds), Caroline Series (Warwick),
EdMS: Rob Archbold (Aberdeen),
Newcastle: Andrew Duncan, Zinaida Lykova, Alina Vdovina (standing in for Michael White),
Swansea: Niels Jacob,
York: Steve Duncan, Chris Wood,
Liverpool: Hugh Morton.
  1. The chair welcomed members of the committee.
  2. Apologies for absence of Iain Gordon (Glasgow), Michael White (Newcastle), Francis Clark (Swansea), Maurice Dodson (York) were accepted.
  3. The membership of Steve Duncan (York) was confirmed. Hugh Morton (Liverpool) is not going to be a member after the meeting of September 21. Alina Vdovina is standing in for Michael White as a secretary of the meeting.
  4. The minutes of the meeting in Liverpool on 5 April 2005 were approved.
  5. Garth Dales discussed archives of BMC. Edmund Robertson agreed that some corrections have to be made. It was decided to put the archives on the website of History of Mathematics of Saint Andrews University and to write in a News Letter of LMS about this subject.
  6. Future BMCs were confirmed to be in Swansea (16-19 April 2007) and York (25-28 March 2008). It was pointed [out] that the dates of BMCs have to be decided in advance to avoid conflicts with other LMS meetings. The LMS should not fund meetings which take place at the same time with BMC.
  7. Edmund Robertson reported on the meeting with BAMC representatives on 20 September, which Garth Dales, Caroline Series and Edmund Robertson attended. The joint meeting of BMC and BAMC in Liverpool, April 2005, was successful, so it was decided to have the joint meetings in the future as well, every 4-5 years. Possible hosts were discussed: Oxford may be the host in 2010, but definitely not in 2009 because of building work.
  8. Edmund Robertson continued further discussion for possible hosts for BMC in 2009 and 2010. Since the joint BMC, BAMC meeting most likely will take place in 2010, Galway, Ireland is considered as possible host for BMC2009. Garth Dales pointed out that LMS does not fund conferences outside UK, but would fund the BMC in Ireland.
  9. Hugh Morton reported on the Liverpool meeting. The enclosed report and financial statement were approved.
  10. Andrew Duncan reported on plans for Newcastle 2006. The enclosed report on the preparation for BMC2006 was approved. Andrew Duncan was asked to compile a list of splinter group organizers.
  11. Niels Jacob reported on plans for BMC2007, Swansea:
    1. Money: The EPSRC have agreed to give 1,500.
      The application to the LMS has been sent out.
      The application to the EdMS will be sent out.
    2. Invited speakers: A Connes, H McKean, D Stroock, T. Tao have
      confirmed (trying to get a 2006 Fields Medalist in addition)
    3. Morning speakers: First consultations and names are under discussion. The decision will be made in Newcastle in April 2006.
    4. We will have a Students Conference or a related event.
    5. Special sessions will be on Topology and Classical Harmonic Analysis, as already decided in Liverpool.
    6. Splinter groups are still under discussion. A rough scheme exists already. Details will be given in Newcastle.
    7. We will try to involve other mathematics related departments from Swansea.
  12. Chris Wood reported on plans for BMC2008 in York. Two possible accommodation schemes were discussed.
  13. AOB
    1. British Society for the History of Mathematics proposed to organize a splinter group at BMC2006, but the possible organizer Elena Robson did not submit a proposal to the meeting. So, it was decided not to have a splinter group of History of Mathematics on BMC2006.
    2. The BMC Scientific Committee Meeting appreciated the work for the BMC of Nicholas Young, who is now retired.
  14. The date of the next meeting was set to be 13 April 2005.