General Meeting Minutes for 2006

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Lecture Theatre L101, Merz Court, University of Newcastle at 8.00 p.m. on Tuesday 11th April, 2006.
  1. There were no apologies for absence.
  2. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting in Liverpool, on 5 April 2005, were approved.
  3. There were no matters arising.
  4. A summary of the accounts for the joint BAMC and BMC in Liverpool 2005 was noted. A vote to thank the BAMC and BMC Organising Committee in Liverpool was proposed by Dr Andrew Duncan and approved.
  5. Prof Edmund Robertson asked members to contact him in advance with invitations to hold the BMC. He needs to have long term planning.
  6. Election of one member from the Annual General Meeting to the BMC Scientific Committee to serve for one year.
    Prof A.G. O'Farrell of the University of Maynooth was proposed by Prof Garth Dales. The proposal was carried by acclamation. Prof O'Farrell will serve on the Committee from the end of the AGM until the end of the AGM at Swansea in 2007.
  7. No one from Swansea was at the AGM to report on the progress of BMC 2007. Prof Edmund Robertson said that the preparation had been going well.
  8. Prof Ted Hurley invited the BMC to the National University of Ireland, Galway, in April 2009 (one week before Easter). It will be a joint meeting with the Irish Mathematical Society. The invitation was accepted by acclamation. Prof Hurley mentioned that student accommodation would not be available for the BMC participants. B & B costs around £48 per night.
  9. Other business.
    There was a discussion about joint meetings with the BAMC. Prof Edmund Robertson pointed out the difficulties of organising them. There was a suggestion to have them once in 4-5 years.
At the end the local organisers of the BMC in Newcastle were thanked by the AGM.

The meeting closed around 20.30.

Minutes signed by Dr Zinaida Lykova on 19 September 2006.