A short report on BMC 2007 held in Swansea

The Swansea BMC was attended by 280 participants and was preceded by a well attended Student Conference. The main speakers were H.-D. Cao, A. Connes, H. McKean, and D. Stroock. In addition we had 12 morning speakers, 2 special sessions (in Fourier Analysis and in Topology), and 12 splinter groups. In total there were more than 120 lectures.

Furthermore several other activities took place, a session on the RAE, a public lecture, a public lecture on Euler's Tercentenary, a podium discussion on publishing in the future, and presentations of the BMO- team and MSOR, respectively.

The booksellers' exhibition was a great success thanks to the efforts of the publishers whose financial contribution should neither be ignored nor taken for granted.

Financially, we received support from the LMS, EPSRC and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society as well as BP. We could even make a small surplus. Needless to say that without the unlimited support of our University, starting with the VC, we could never have succeeded.

Professor Niels Jacob,
Read by Professor Aubrey Truman