General Meeting Minutes for 2009

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in
Cairnes Lecture Theatre, NUI, Galway at 18.45 on Tuesday 7th April, 2009.

Present: There were approximately 25 people present and the meeting was chaired by Ted Hurley.

Apologies: None

Minutes of the 2008 AGM : The 2008 AGM was held in the NSCL
Lecture Theatre, University if York, 18.00, Wednesday 26th March. There was a correction of 'Tuesday' to 'Wednesday' 26th March, 2008. In regard to item 5, the period in office is 3 years
(until 31st May 2011). The amended minutes were approved.

Matters arising: None

Summary of accounts for the BMC in York (for information only): Chris Wood presented a summary of the accounts for York 2008. The York BMC received support from the LMS, EdMS, EPSRC and the University of York. The conference broke even. The organisers were congratulated by the Chairman on the success of the 2008 BMC.

The BMC Scientific Committee: A sheet with the list of members of the Scientific Committee was circulated for information purposes.

Election of one member from the AGM to the BMC Scientific Committee: On the proposal of Robert Archbold, seconded by Peter Giblin, Martin Mathieu was elected to serve on the BMC Scientific Committee for one year

Report on progress of BMC/BAMC 2010, Edinburgh: Jim Howie circulated a poster. A funding commitment has been received from theLMS. An application for funding is being made to the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. The timetable has been drawn up and names of plenary speakers are determined. Suggestions for Morning Speakers would be welcome. Accommodation for participants has been block–booked.
Plenary lectures will be held in the George Square lecture theatre, which has a large capacity. Overall the planning for the joint meeting is in good shape.

Invitation to hold BMC 2012: On behalf of the University of Kent, James Shank invited the BMC to the city of Canterbury in 2012. The invitation was accepted by acclamation.

  • Colin Campbell sought assistance in filling gaps in the BMC archives relating to minutes of AGMs and early programmes. He circulated a list of missing minutes (10 Scientific Committee and 2 AGM) required to complete the archive holding.
  • David Salinger informed the AGM regarding the Research Assessment Exercise.
  • the AGM concluded at 19.28

A report of the 2008 York meeting was presented.

Minutes unsigned and undated