British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Leicester: Leicester 2011.

The enrolment was 230.

Organisers were J R Hunton

The plenary speakers were:

Gowers, T Polymath and the density Hales-Jewett theorem
Lindenstrauss, E From multiplying by 2 and 3 to quantum unique ergodicity
Pedit, F Advances in surface geometry: theory and experiment
Rouquier, R Higher Representation Theory
Vogtmann, K The topology and geometry of automorphism groups of free groups

The morning speakers were:

Greenlees, J Homotopy invariant commutative algebra: rings, groups and spaces
Hurder, S Invitation to Matchbox Manifolds
Hyland, M What is a linear theory?
Jacob, N Metric Spaces Isometric to Hilbert Spaces, Metric Measure Spaces, and the Transition Densities of Levy Processes
Joyce, D Derived differential geometry
Kim, M Homotopy theory and Diophantine geometry
Rietsch, K On mirror symmetry for Grassmannians
Roney-Dougal, C Generation of finite groups
Shank, J Modular Invariant Theory
Sidorova, N Localisation and ageing in the Parabolic Anderson model
Ward, T Group automorphisms from a dynamical point of view

Public lectures

Harman, D Presentation and Discussion on Mathematics and the EPSRC
Penrose, R Seeing Through the Big Bang into Another World: an Exercise in Conformal Geometry

Special session: Algebraic Topology, Organizers: A Baker, A Lazarev

Barnes, B Monoidality of Exotic Models for Localised Spectra
Giansiracusa, G The geometry of the Miller-Morita-Mumford characteristic classes of surface bundles
Lambrechts, L
Pridham, P n-types, higher Lie groupoids and higher stacks
Roendigs, R Hermitian K-theory and algebraic K-theory
Schlichtkrull, S Applications of diagram spaces
Vishik, V Symmetric operations in Algebraic Cobordism

Special session: Differential Geometry,Organizers: M Haskins, K Leschke

Calderbank, C Ambitoric structures: from general relativity to Kahler geometry
Donaldson, D Kahler metrics with cone singularities along a divisor
Hein,, H Imperial College An update on gravitational instantons
Hitchin, H Holomorphic Poisson manifolds and their deformations
Veselov, V Universal flat connections and stable rational curves

Special session: Dynamical Systems, Organizers: A Clark, S Hurder

Bruin, B Monotonicity of topological entropy in polynomial families
Jordan,, J University of Bristol Multifractal analysis for Birkhoff averages for countable Markov maps
Sharp,, S University of Manchester Spectral triples and Gibbs measures on Cantor sets
Urbanski,, U University of North Texas Regularity properties of Hausdorff dimension

Special session: Harmonic and Geometric Analysis, Organizers: J Bennett, N Bez

Barthe, B Spectral gaps and symmetries
Maleva, M Universal differentiability sets and geometric measure theory
Sisask, S Arithmetic progressions and L^p -almost-periodicity via random sampling
Wright, W Problems related to averages and lacunary maximal functions

Special session: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry, Organizers: M Kim, F Neumann

Elkin, E Ekedahl-Oort strata of Artin-Schreier curves in characteristic 2
Gangl, G Harmonic polylogarithms and tensor calculu
Noohi, N Galois cohomology of crossed-modules and cohomology of reductive groups
Ramero, R Cohomological epsilon factors and p-adic analytic geometry
Yafaev, Y The Andre-Oort Conjecture

Special session: Representation Theory, Organizers: J Chuang, N Snashall

Erdmann, E Block components of the Lie module for the symmetric group
Jorgensen, J Ptolemy diagrams and torsion pairs in cluster categories of Dunkin type A
Meng, M Tan Lie powers and Lie modules
Paget, P Foulkes modules for symmetric groups
Turner, T The Weyl extension algebra for GL
Williamson, W Coxeter groups, Soergel bimodules and higher representation theory