British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Kent: Kent 2012.

The enrolment was 148.

Organisers were P Fleischmann

The plenary speakers were:

Bessenrodt, C On the combinatorics of quasisymmetric functions
Lorenz, M Prime ideals and group actions in noncomutative algebra
Reiten, I Quivers in representation theory
Soare, R Mathematics and the Turing Renaissance
Tretter, C Operator theory and applications: a fruitful interplay

The morning speakers were:

Black, S Computer says Yes!
Brown, K How smooth is a noncommutative group?
Camina, R The Nottingham group -- an introduction and a survey of recent results
Drutu, C On limit spaces and actions of groups
Evans, D A spectral analysis of compact linear operators in Banach space
Harel, D Computers are not omnipotent
Luczak, M Markov chain models of complex systems
Parnovski, L Multidimensional periodic and almost-periodic spectral problems: Bethe-Sommerfeld Conjecture and integrated density of states
Rees, S The word problem and normal forms in Artin groups
Symonds, P Group actions on polynomial rings
Taorima, A K3 elliptic genus: a glimpse of new Moonshine
von Below, J Can one hear the shape of a graph?

Public lecture

Hodges, A The Life and Work of Alan Turing.

Workshop: Algebraic Transformation Groups (organisers P Fleischmann and RJ Shank)

Baland, S Modules of constant Jordan type for elementary abelian p-groups
Braun, A The Gorenstein property and modular invariants
Dufresne, E The separating variety for representations of the additive group
Elmer, J Separating invariants and localisation
Ferreira, J The Invariant Fields of the Sylow p-subgroups of Finite Classical Groups
Gill, C Tensor products of Young modules and p-multiples of partitions
Kohls, M The Dihedral groups in characteristic 2: Invariants Coinvariants and Groebner Bases
Sezer, M On modular invariants of the Klein-four group
Stancu, R Fusion systems for profinite groups.

Workshop: Mathematics Education : Assessment Practices (organisers P Iannone</b>&nbsp; A Simpson and O Radu)

Chadwick, E Evaluating assessment practices in a Business and Industrial Mathematics module
Garret, S Towards an efficient approach for examining employabilty skills
Graham, D Audience Response devices for formative and summative assessment
Hernandez-Martinez, P Mathematics Lecturers' Practice and Perception of Computer-Aided Assessment
Hetherington, T Assessing proofs in pure mathematics
Iannone, P The mini case studies: examples of assessment practices
Jones, I Summative peer assessment of undergraduate calculus using Adaptive Comparative Judgement
Radu, O The survey of assessment practices
Radu, O The literature review on assessment
Simpson, A Performance Assessment in Mathematics -- Preliminary Empirical Research

Workshop: Mathematical Physics (organisers C Dunning and A Hone)

England, M Building Abelian functions with generalised Hirota operators
Kemp, G Geometric quanitzation Dirac monopoles and coadjoint orbits
Lombardo, S The unexpected simplicity of Automorphic Lie Algebras
Speight, M Solitons on tori and soliton crystals
Taormina, A K3 elliptic genus: glimpse of a new Moonshine
Tateo, R Bethe Ansatz and nonlinear wave equations
Veselov, A Universality in Lie algebras and Chern-Simons theory
Viti, J Universal properties of two-dimensional percolation
Young, C Quantum Affine Algebras and Extended T-systems

Workshop: Noncommutative Geometry (organiser S Launois)

Iyudu, N The Anick conjecture on the minimal Hilbert series of quadratic algebras
Kraehmer, U Batalin-Vilkovisky Structures on Ext and Tor
Lopez, J Noncommutative geometry of fiinite groups
McGerty, K Quantum Hamiltonian reduction and Derived Equivalences
O'Buachalla, R Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Kahler Geometry
Sierra, S Graded maximal orders in a generic Sklyanin algebra
Spencer, C Harish-Chandra bimodules of some rational Cherednik algebras at regular parameter values
Wadsley, S Non-commutative rigid analytic spaces

Workshop: Number Theory & Algebraic Geometry (organisers G Brown and S Siksek)

Elkin, A Computing de Rham comohology of p-covers of the projective line in characteristic p
Farwa, S Exact holomorphic differentials in characteristics 2 and 3
Fisher, T Visibility of Tate-Shafarevich groups in abelian threefolds
Kasprzyk, A Hunting for Fano varieties via extremal Laurent polynomials
Newton, R The Artin-Wedderburn Theorem and local Tate duality
Testa, D The surface of cuboids and Siegel modular threefolds

Workshop: Operator Theory (organisers B Lemmens and I Wood)

Batty, C Quasi-hyperbolic operators and semigroups
Bolte, J Many-particle quantum graphs
Brown, M A uniqueness result for one-dimensional inverse scattering
Eveson, S Some unexpected rank 1 asymptotics
Langer, M Triple variational principles for self-adjoint operator functions
Marletta, M Approximating the spectra of self-adjoint and dissipative operators
Rule, D An end-point result for bilinear Fourier integral operators
Winn, B Quantum ergodicity for expander graphs with large girth

Workshop: Turing's legacy in Mathematics and Computer Science

Chu, D The biological cell as a stochastic computer
Cockshott, P How physics constrains real value calculation
Hogarth, M The Church-Turing Thesis is a pseudo-proposition
Michaelson, G The limits to computation
Montanaro, A The Church-Turing thesis in a quantum world
Richards, B Turing's Legacy and AI: Two perspectives
Stannett, M Computing via Physical Theories