British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Sheffield: 25-28 March 2013.

The enrolment was 202.

Organisers were D A Jordan

The plenary speakers were:

Baez, J The Mathematics of Planet Earth
Henniart, G From modular forms to automorphic representations: a tale of Hecke operators, continued.
Kapranov, M Higher Segal spaces
Piene, R Polytopes, discriminants and toric geometry
Saloff-Coste, L Random walks and the geometry of groups
Schick, T Coarse geometry and index theory

The morning speakers were:

Ardakov, K Localisation of p-adic representations of p-adic Lie groups
Barrow-Green, J G. D. Birkhoff and the development of dynamical systems theory
Bridgeland, T Hall algebras in representation theory and algebraic geometry.
Brown, G Geographies of complex projective varieties
Dokchitser, T Brauer relations and number theory
Dooley, T Riesz products: from classical harmonic analysis to modern ergodic theory
Leinster, T The Convex Magnitude Conjecture
Lykova, Z Amenability of Banach algebras
Reinert, G Gossip processes, epidemics and small-world networks
Rempe-Gillen, L Density of Axiom A in Arnol'd's standard family
Vallette, B Higher algebra with operads
White, S Interplay between C<sup>*</sup> and von Neumann algebras

Workshop: Category theory

Ara, D Towards a definition of normalized lax n-functors
Gambino, N The bicategory of operads is cartesian closed
Ghani, N Putting Right That Which We Got Wrong
Hyland, M
Lebed, V Associative Algebras, Bialgebras and Leibniz Algebras as Braided Objects
Métayer, F From word rewriting to higher categories
von, T Glehn Fibrations and Polynomial Functors
Woolf, J Whitney Categories and the Tangle Hypothesis

Workshop: History of Mathematics

Gray, J On the cusp of the new physics: Henri Poincaré and mathematical physics one hundred years ago.
Hollings, C An Obsession for Documentation: Surveys of Mathematical Progress in the USSR
Huggett, S and Nicole Bloye Newton, the geometer
Rowlett, P The unplanned impact of mathematics: surprising examples of unexpected applications.

Workshop: K-Theory and Analysis

Brodzki, J K-homology for groups acting on CAT(0)-cube complexes
Hawkins, E Noncommutative Rigidity
Hunton, J Derived invariants in the K-theory of aperiodic patterns
Plymen, R K-theory and the connection index
Voigt, C Coarse geometry and quantum groups
Wright, N The boundary coarse Baum-Connes conjecture

Workshop: Number Theory

Dokchitser, V Reconstructing Weil representations from Euler factors
Fesenko, I Analytic and geometric ranks of elliptic surfaces
Johansson, C Control theorems for overconvergent eigenforms on some Shimura varieties
Velani, S Multiplicative and Inhomogeneous Diophantine Approximation

Workshop: Probability

Eckhoff, M Preferential Attachment Networks under Attack
Hambly, B Diffusions on critical random clusters on the diamond lattice
Járai, A Electrical resistance of the low-dimensional critical branching random walk
Joseph, M Semi-discrete Stochastic Heat Equation
Roberts, M Intermittency in branching random walk in random environment
Turner, A The emergence of branching in Hastings-Levitov type random clusters
Wade, A Convex hulls of planar random walks with drift
Windridge, P Law of large numbers for the SIR epidemic on a random graph with given vertex degrees

Workshop: Topology

Gibbons, J A Dehn surgery obstruction and unknotting number one
Kedziorek, M Towards an algebraic model of rational equivariant cohomology theories
Palmer, M Homological stability for spaces of disconnected submanifolds
Richter, B The Hodge decomposition of higher order Hochschild homology
Roitzheim, C Modular rigidity of E-local spectra
Russhard, A Power maps on quasi-p-regular SU(n)
Szymik, M Characteristics of structured ring spectra
Vozzo, R Geometry and topology of certain infinite dimensional spaces

Workshop: Noncommutative algebra and Representation Theory

Iyudu, N Operads presented by generators and relations and their Koszulity.
Kremnitzer, K Beilinson-Drinfeld factorization algebras
Lenagan, T Totally nonnegative matrices
Leroy, A Idempotents in ring extensions
Makhlouf, A Representations and Cohomology of Hom-algebras
Martsinkovsky, A
Nelson, J Localisation in Iwasawa algebras
Smoktunowicz, A Some new results on Golod-Shafarevich algebras

Workshop: Mathematical Higher Education

Alcock, L
Hunton, J
Lowe, T
Marsh, S
Olsen, L Projects, investigation and research
Pritchard, D Old and new technology in teaching