General Meeting Minutes for 2014

11.30am, Wednesday 9th April 2014
Arts 2 Lecture Theatre, Queen Mary University of London


In the chair: Professor Charles Goldie, in substation by agreement for Dr Ivan Tomašić, Chairman of the BMC. Members present: c. 180.

The chairman noted that the agenda listed both the BMC Scientific Advisory Committee and the BMC Scientific Committee. The former is the programme committee for the current BMC, while the latter is a continuing body that exists to support successive Colloquia, and in particular to agree where the BMC should go from year to year. The BMC model, where each BMC is a stand-alone enterprise of its host Department, has proved resilient, with an unbroken succession of annual meetings since the first in 1949.
  1. Apologies for absence received from Rachel Camina, Tim Dokchitser, Tom Leinster, Phil Rippon, Lynne Walling and Stuart White.

  2. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved, with no matters arising.

  3. Joint BMC-BAMC 2015 at the University of Cambridge, 30 March – 2 April. Dr Tom Fisher reminded delegates of the flyer in their registration pack, giving details of pre-registration, which was now open.

  4. BMC 2016 at the University of Bristol. Dr Corinna Ulcigrai announced the dates as 2124 March and gave the list of workshops as Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Ergodic Theory, Number Theory and Probability.

  5. Dr Andrew Lobb invited the BMC to the University of Durham for 2017. This was approved by acclamation.

  6. Chair of the BMC Scientific Committee. The appointment of Professor David Jordan (Sheffield), to serve for three years from 1st June 2014, was approved.

  7. Election of a representative of the 2014 BMC to serve on the BMC Scientific Com-mittee for the coming year. Dr Richard Pinch (Civil Service) had been nominated and was declared elected.

  8. Dr Florian Bouyer announced that Young Researchers in Mathematics 2014 was to be at Warwick, 30 June - 3 July, and encouraged all those eligible to attend.

  9. Any other business. The chairman noted that the organisers had successfully surmounted the perceived difficulty of bringing the BMC to London, where it had not been since 1979 (and never to QMUL). He proposed a vote of thanks to the organisers, Ivan Tomašić and Behrang Noohi, which was carried by acclamation.
The meeting closed after 15 minutes.