General Meeting Minutes for 2015

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Lady Mitchell Hall, University of Cambridge
12:30pm, 1 April 2015

In the chair: Dr Tom Fisher.
Members present: c. 30.
  1. Apologies for absence received from Tim Dokchitser, Andrew Lobb, Sarah Rees, Alexander Stasisinski, Lynne Walling and Stuart White.

  2. Minutes of the AGM of BMC 2014, held at Queen Mary University of London, were ap- proved, with no matters arising.

  3. BMC 2016, University of Bristol. On behalf of the organisers, Tim Browning reported that the 2016 BMC would be held at the University of Bristol from 21-24 March 2016. The Pub- lic speakers are to be Kristin Lauter (Microsoft, President of Assoc. for Women in Math.) and Hendrik Lenstra (U Leiden) and Plenary Speakers are to be Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew U, Jerusalem; Algebra) Luigi Ambrosio (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa; Analysis) Robert Adler (Technion, Haifa; Probability) Amie Wilkinson (U Chicago; Ergodic theory) Maria Chudnovsky (U Columbia, New York; Combinatorics) Peter Sarnak (Princeton U; Number Theory). Workshops are to be held in Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Ergodic Theory, Number Theory, Probability.

  4. BMC 2017, University of Durham, 3-6 April 2017. On behalf of the organisers, John Hunton reported that the 2016 BMC would be held at the University of Durham from 3-6 April 2017.
    ?One plenary speaker has accepted an invitation and there are ongoing discussions with potential others.

  5. Invitation for BMC 2018. Nik Ruskuc invited the BMC to the University of St Andrews for 2018. This was approved by acclamation.

    Election of a representative of the 2015 BMC to serve on the BMC Scientific Committee for the coming year. Brita Nucinkis (Royal Holloway) had been nominated and was elected with acclamation.

  6. It was announced that the Young Researchers in Mathematics (YRM) meeting for 2015 would be held at the University of Oxford from 17-20 August 2015 and that postgraduate students attending the BMC/BAMC would have their YRM registration fee waived if they registered for YRM.

  7. Any other business. The Chair of the BMC Scientific Committee proposed a vote of thanks to Rachel Camina and Tom Fisher for their work, on the BMC side, in the organisation of a very successful joint meeting. The vote was carried by acclamation.
The meeting closed after 12 minutes.