British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Bristol: Bristol 2016.

The enrolment was 270.

Organisers were L H Walling and T Dokchitser

The plenary speakers were:

Adler, R The Gaussian Kinematic Formula
Adler, R The Gaussian Kinematic Formula
Ambrosio, L Metric and differentiable structures with Ricci lower bounds
Ambrosio, L Metric and differentiable structures with Ricci lower bounds
Chudnovsky, M Coloring some perfect graphs
Chudnovsky, M Coloring some perfect graphs
Lubotzky, A Ramanujan complexes and high dimensional expanders
Lubotzky, A Ramanujan complexes and high dimensional expanders
Sarnak, P Strong Approximation and Golden Gates
Sarnak, P Strong Approximation and Golden Gates
Wilkinson, A Robust mechanisms for chaos
Wilkinson, A Robust mechanisms for chaos

The morning speakers were:

Anantharaman, N Quantum ergodicity
Berestycki, N The dimer model: universality and conformal invariance.
Kessar, R Finiteness conjectures in modular representation theory
Kowalski, E Additive problems with primes: a partial survey
Malchiodi, A Uniformization of singular surfaces
Pyber, L How to avoid the Classification Theorem of Finite Simple Groups in Asymptotic Group Theory
Sarig, O Recent advances in symbolic dynamics for chaotic maps
Sudakov, B Equiangular lines and spherical codes in Euclidean spaces
Szegedy, B On the graph limit approach to random regular graphs
Valkó, B Random matrices, differential operators and carousels
Wenger, S Plateau's problem, isoperimetric inequalities, and asymptotic geometry
Zerbes, S Elliptic curves and the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer

Public lectures

Lauter, K How to Keep your Genome Secret
Lenstra, H Profinite number theory

Algebra session

Bowman, C Kronecker Tableaux
De, T The classification of structurable division algebras
Lyle, S Semigroup algebras and standard bases
Malcolm, A The involution width of a finite simple group
Miemietz, V Quiver Schur algebras and p-adic GL┬Čn
Nikolov, N On the growth of torsion in homology of finite index subgroups.
Pauksztello, D What are discrete triangulated categories?
Pumpluen, S A class of nonassociative algebras and their applications

Analysis session

Bonnaillie-Noël, V Spectral minimal partitions
Carmen, M Lower bounds for fractional Riesz transforms and the Wolff energy
Cavalletti, F Lévy-Gromov Isoperimetric inequality for metric measure spaces
Fässler, K Curve packing and modulus estimates
Flock, T Stability of the Brascamp-Lieb Constant
Huxol, T Limiting Behaviour of the Teichmüller Harmonic Map Flow
Le, E Besicovitch Covering Property on graded groups and applications to measure differentiation
Sharp, B Minimal hypersurfaces with bounded index

Combinatorics session

Das, S Erdős-Rothschild for intersecting families
Letzter, S Minimising the number of triangular edges
Liu, H Some enumeration results in extremal combinatorics.
Long, E Forbidden vector-valued intersections
Morrison, N Bootstrap Percolation in the Hypercube
Pokrovksiy, A Ramsey goodness of paths
Zhao, Y Quasirandom Cayley graphs
Zhelezov, D Minimal bases for Hamming spheres and arithmetic progressions

Ergodic theory session

Björklund, M Non-commutative quasicrystals in commutative spaces
Dougall, R Critical exponents and regular covering manifolds
Koivusalo, H Cut and project sets and Diophantine approximation
Lima, Y On Chaotic three dimensional flows
Lindsey, K Horocycle flow orbits of translation surfaces
Terhesiu, D Non trivial limit distributions for systems with holes
Varjú, P Bernoulli convolutions

Number theory session

Cremona, J Black Box Galois Representations
Harper, A The variance of sequences in arithmetic progressions
Jones, J The first PSL</i>(2,7)<i> number field, and more
Le, P Height of rational points on elliptic curves in families
Lee, M Effective equidistribution of primitive rational points on expanding horospheres
Roditty-Gershon, E Arithmetic Statistics in Function Fields
Siksek, S Sums of seven cubes
Vishe, P Hasse principle for higher degree hypersurfaces

Probability session

Doucet, A The correlated pseudo-marginal method
Georgakopoulos, A Group-walk random graphs
Gloria, A The structure of fluctuations in stochastic homogenization
Gozlan, N Generalized transport costs and applications to concentration of measure
Gubinelli, M Weak universality of the stationary Kadar-Parisi-Zhang equation
Jarai, A Inequalities for critical exponents in d-dimensional sandpiles
Kosloff, Z Conservative Anosov diffeomorphisms of the two torus without an absolut(y continuous invariant measure
Warren, J The break-up of clusters of particles carried in a turbulent flow