Scientific Committee Minutes for June 2018

British Mathematical Colloquium Scientific Committee Minutes for the meeting of 13 June 2018 University of St Andrews, Maths Seminar Room 3B, 12:30pm
  1. Welcome, confirmation of membership
    The Committee welcomed Kenneth Falconer (St Andrews) who had played a major role in organising the St Andrews BMC and Brigitte Stenhouse (Open), representing the BMC 2018 community.
    The membership was confirmed as
    Phil Rippon (Open) until 31 May 2020.
    LMS representatives:
    Sarah Rees (Newcastle) until 31 May 2019. Maud Devisscher (City) until 31 May 2020. Constanze Roitzheim (Kent) until 31 May 2020. EdMS representatives:
    Sophie Huczynska (St Andrews) until 31 May 2020. Michael Wemyss (Glasgow) until 31 May 2020.
    St Andrews (2018):
    Colva Roney-Dougal, Mike Todd.
    Lancaster (2019):
    Jan Grabowski, Tony Nixon.
    Glasgow (2020):
    Representative of the 2018 BMC:
    Brigitte Stenhouse (Open) until 30 September 2018.
    Ex officio:
    Fiona Nixon (Executive Secretary of the LMS), Elizabeth Fisher or Anthony Byrne (LMS).

  2. Apologies for absence

    Tony Nixon, Fiona Nixon

  3. Minutes of Scientific Committee meeting at De Morgan House on 5th September 2017

    The minutes were confirmed with no matters arising.

  4. Immediate impressions on the 2018 BMC in St Andrews

    A full report will be on the agenda for the September meeting. The Committee agreed that the meeting had gone very well, with excellent plenary and morning speakers, and well attended workshops.

    The final number attending the BMC was not yet known but was thought to be around 175. Funding had been received from the LMS, the Heilbronn Institute and Foundation Compositio Mathematica.

    The arrangements for the displays by publishers (often a problem in previous years) seemed to be very satisfactory.

  5. Update on Plans for BMC in Lancaster, 8-11 April 2019

    Plenary lectures will be given by
    Michel Broué (Université Paris Diderot, France; Representation theory), Nicolas Monod (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland; Ergodic theory and geometric group theory) and Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA; Probability).

    There will be a public lecture by Timothy Gowers (Cambridge).

    Morning speakers confirmed so far are
    Michael Wemyss (Glasgow), Piotr Koszmider (IMPAN, Poland), Stefanie Petermichl (Toulouse), Simone Severini (UCL), and Goulnara Arzhantseva (Vienna).

    There will be workshops on
    Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Probability, Combinatorics and Mathematics Education.

  6. BMC/BAMC in Glasgow, 6-9 April 2020

    The Committee welcomed the plans to have the BMC/BAMC in Glasgow in 2020.

  7. Future BMCs

    There was a short discussion of potential locations for BMC 2021 and the chair will approach one possible location before the Autumn meeting.

  8. Other meetings

    YRM (Young Researchers in Mathematics) 2018 will be in Southampton, 23-26 July 2018. BCTCS (British Colloquium in Theoretical Computer Science) 2018 was 26-28 March 2018.

  9. Date of next meeting

    (at De Morgan House, Autumn 2018)

  10. Any other business

Phil Rippon
6 September 2018