Minutes of AGM at BMC Glasgow

Minutes of AGM at BMC Glasgow, 8th April, 2021 The meeting was chaired by Sarah Rees (University of Newcastle), and took place over zoom.

  1. The meeting was opened by Sarah Rees, who explained that she had taken over from Phil Rippon as Chair of the Scientific Committee, in April 2020, which had been the originally scheduled time of this Glasgow BMC. She, together with those attending the meeting, thanked Phil for all his work as Chair of the Scientific Committee.

  2. Sarah, together with those attending the meeting, also thanked Michael Wemyss and the rest of the organising committee for having organised a truly excellent online BMC (jointly with the BAMC), from Glasgow, over the last few days.

  3. Sarah gave details of future events as follows: KCL in 2022, Bath in 2023, Manchester in 2024, and (to be confirmed) Exeter 2025, with the next joint BMC-BAMC event expected to be in 5 years time, so in 2026. (Note: it is now confirmed that the Exeter event in 2025 will be a joint one.)

  4. A few details were presented of the KCL event. It will take place from 6th-9th June 2022, at Bush House, Aldwych, London. There will be workshops on Geometry, Analysis and Probability, Number Theory, Statistics and Theoretical Physics. Speakers were now being invited.

  5. (AOB) Those attending were asked to oppose destruction of Leicester Mathematics, to read a general announcement Sarah had posted that morning on slack, and to sign the international petition that had been circulating for some time, as well as a second petition requesting statement from BMC/BAMC. (Note: as a result of the petition, the BMC/BAMC wrote a letter to the Guardian.)
Sarah Rees, 22nd April 2022