BMC General Meeting Minutes for 2022

Minutes of AGM at BMC Kings College London, 7th June, 2022

  1. The meeting was chaired by Sarah Rees (University of Newcastle), at King College, room 5.20 in the Strand Building. It was attended by a mix of BMC attenders and members of the Scientific Committee.

  2. Sarah thanked David Burns and the rest of the organising committee for their excellent work organising the BMC, which was clearly being very successful, with excellent attendance The organisers were to be congratulated for their success of organisation, despite the difficulties of organisation during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

  3. Kirill Cherednichenko reported on arrangements so far for the next BMC, which will be held in Bath, 3rd to 6th April 2023.

    There is a website at The registration page is currently being constructed, and is expected to open for registration towards the end of the summer. There will be a registration free of 100 pounds, with early bird registration set at 75 pounds, for those registering before the end of November. There will be match funding support for up to 20 PhD students.

    The lectures will be run in six sections: algebra, analysis, geometry, probability, number theory, and outreach (which includes mathematical education), each of those six including a plenary talk. The public lecture, given by Katie Steckles (Sheffield Hallam) would be the 'Out-reach' plenary, and the five other plenaries would be given by Tim Browning, Pavel Etinghof, Galina Perelman, Jeremy Quastel and Katrin Wendland; Tim Browning's lecture would be billed as the LMS lecture. There would be 12 morning speakers, two within each section, and workshops in each of the six sections. Workshop talks would each be of 30 minute duration, with only two held simultaneously.

    The LMS meeting and the conference dinner would be on the Tuesday, with the dinner held at the Bath Pump room. There would be a poster reception on the Wednesday evening. Posters would be displayed throughout the 4 day event, and prizes would be awarded for the best posters.

    Kirill was thanked for his presentation.

  4. There was no other business.
Sarah Rees, 8th June 2022