Charges held by Michel Plancherel

  • Member of the committee (1913-1918) and president (1918-1919) of the Swiss Mathematical Society.
  • Member (1920-) and vice-president (1927-) of the Euler Commission of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.
  • President of the foundation for the advancement of the mathematical sciences in Switzerland (1920-).
  • Member of the editorial board of Commentarii mathematici helvetici (1929-).
  • Member (1926-1956) and president (1954-1956) of the federal maturity commission.
  • President of the Centrale suisse du service volontaire de travail (1935-1946).
  • President of the second international congress of labour service, Seelisberg (Uri), September 1937.
  • Member of the committee (1913-1920) and president (1915-1920) of the Société fribourgeoise des sciences naturelles.
  • Vice-president of the organizing and executive committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Zürich (1932).
  • Delegate of ETH in the Swiss commission of intellectual cooperation (1927-1941).
  • Scientific expert of the League of Nations (1935-1938).
  • President of the Fribourg group of the Nouvelle Société helvétique (1918-1920).
  • Member of the Conseil général de la ville de Fribourg (1918-1921).
  • Member of the Zentralschulpflege, of the Kreisschulpflege Zürichberg
    and of the Aufsichtskommission der Gewerbeschule der Stadt Zürich (1939-1945).
  • President of the Mission catholique française de Zürich (1938-1963).
  • President of the Winterhilfe Schweiz (1948-1967).
  • President of the executive committee of the Action des universités suisses en faveur de leurs étudiants hongrois réfugiés (1958-1963).