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Agnesi, Maria GaetanaAnalytical Institutions (trans. Rev. John Colson) 2 volsMore
Albers, D.J. and G.L. Alexanderson, G.L'Olga Taussky-Todd: An autobiographical essay', in Mathematical People, pp.310-336More
Aldis, (Mrs) William SteadmanConsider the HeavensMore
Allen, HazelCommercial ArithmeticMore
Ashcroft, L.Geometrical Exercises arranged for classes which do not use a text-book ...More
Ayres, Mrs HenryConversations on ArithmeticMore
Ayres, Mrs HenryThe Lady's Practical Arithmetician More
Ayrton, HerthaMark's London Table Book of Arithmetic; Weights and Measures, the Mariner's Compass etcMore
Ayrton, HerthaThe Electric ArcMore
Biggs, E.E. and Vidal, H.E.Mathematics Today (3 vols)More
Boole, Mary EverestCollected Works, Vols. I - IV (ed. Cobham, E.M.)More
Bowden, B. V. (ed.)Faster than Thought: A Symposium on Digital Computing MachinesMore
Bowman, Margaret E.Romance in Arithmetic: a history of our currency, weights and measures, and calendarMore
Broughton, G.M.Labour in Indian IndustriesMore
Brown, ElizabethCaught in the TropicsMore
Brown, ElizabethIn Pursuit of a ShadowMore
Bryan, MargaretA Compendious System of AstronomyMore
Bryan, MargaretAn Astronomical and Geographical Class Book for SchoolsMore
Bryan, MargaretLectures on Natural PhilosophyMore
Buckley, Arabella B.A Short History of Natural ScienceMore
Buckley, Arabella B.The Fairy-land of ScienceMore
Buckley, Arabella B.Through Magic GlassesMore
Busbridge, I. W.The Mathematics of Radiative TransferMore
Carter, C.Graphic Algebra for BeginnersMore
Cartwright, M. L.Fourier MethodsMore
Cartwright, M. L.Integral FunctionsMore
Clerke, Agnes M., Fowler, A. and Gore, J. EllardThe Concise Knowledge Library: AstronomyMore
Clerke, Agnes M.A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth CenturyMore
Clerke, Agnes M.Modern CosmogoniesMore
Clerke, Agnes M.Problems in AstrophysicsMore
Clerke, Agnes M.The System of the StarsMore
Clerke, Ellen MaryJupiter and His SystemMore
Clerke, Ellen MaryThe Planet VenusMore
Cunnington, SusanThe Story of Arithmetic: A Short History of its Origin and DevelopmentMore
David, F. N. and Barton, D. E.Combinatorial ChanceMore
David, F. N.A Statistical PrimerMore
David, F. N.Games, Gods and GamblingMore
David, F. N.Probability Theory for Statistical MethodsMore
Deans, W.M.Examples in Elementary AlgebraMore
Down, Dorothy and Lockwood, Edward H.AlgebraMore
Du Châtelet, EmilieDissertation sur la nature et la propagation du feuMore
Du Châtelet, EmilieInstitutions de PhysiqueMore
Du Châtelet, EmilieLes lettres de la marquise du Châtelet (ed. T. Besterman) 2 volsMore
Du Châtelet, EmiliePrincipes mathématiques de la philosophie naturelleMore
Du Châtelet, EmilieRéponse de Madame ... à la lettre que M.de Mairan ... lui a écrite ... sur la question des forces vivesMore
Dubreil-Jacotin, M. L., Lesieur, L. and Croisot, R.Leçons sur la Théorie des Treillis des Structures Algébriques Ordonnées et des Treillis GéométriquesMore
Dubreil-Jacotin, Marie-Louise and Dubreil, PaulLectures on Modern AlgebraMore
Evershed, Mary OrrDante and the Early AstronomersMore
Evershed, Mary OrrSouthern Stars: A Guide to the Constellations ... More
Farina, Edith J.Arithmetic for Women's TradesMore
Farina, Edith J.Geometry for Women's TradesMore
Freeman, JoanA Passion for Physics: The Story of a Woman PhysicistMore
Germain, Marie SophieOeuvres philosophiques de Sophie Germain, (ed. Stupuy, H.)More
Germain, Marie SophieRecherches sur la théorie des surfaces élastiquesMore
Germain, Marie SophieRemarques sur la nature, les bornes et l'étendue de la question des surfaces élastiquesMore
Germain, SophieOeuvres Philosophiques Suivies de Pensées et de Lettres Inédites (edited and with commentary by H. Stupuy)More
Giberne, AgnesAmong the StarsMore
Giberne, AgnesRadiant SunsMore
Giberne, AgnesSun, Moon and StarsMore
Giberne, AgnesThis Wonderful UniverseMore
Grimshaw, Margaret Eleanor and Hamburger, Hans L.Transformations in n-dimensional Vector SpaceMore
Haslett, [Dame] Caroline (ed.)The Electrical Handbook for WomenMore
Hawkins, Hester PeriamThe A.B.C. Guide to AstronomyMore
Herschel, CarolineCatalogue of stars, taken from Mr Flamsteed's observationsMore
Hudson, Hilda P. Cremona Transformations in Plane and SpaceMore
Hudson, Hilda P.Ruler and CompassesMore
Huggins, Margaret Lindsay Murray and Huggins, Sir WilliamAn Atlas of Representative Stellar SpectraMore
Huggins, Margaret Lindsay MurrayGio[vanni] Paulo Maggini, His Life and WorkMore
Jacobson, N. (ed.)Emmy Noether -- Gesammelte Abhandlungen (Collected Works)More
Jeffreys, Harold (Sir) and Lady Jeffreys (Bertha Swirles)Methods of Mathematical Physics, third ed.More
Johnson, AmySunshineMore
Kovalevskaya, SofyaA Russian ChildhoodMore
Kovalevskaya, SofyaBriefwechsel zwischen Karl Weierstrass und Sofja KowalewskajaMore
Kovalevskaya, Sophie VasiliyevnaSonya Kovalevsky: Her Recollections of Childhood, More
Kovalevskaya, Sophie VasiliyevnaVera Barantzova (trans. Stepniak & Westall)More
Maunder, Annie S. D. and Maunder, E. WalterThe Heavens and their StoryMore
Menabrea, L. F.Sketch of the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage, Esq. More
Meyler, Dorothy Skeel and Sutton, Sir Oliver G.A Compendium of Mathematics and PhysicsMore
Morison, E. G., and White, M. A. A. D.A New Geometry for SchoolsMore
Morrison, P. and E. (eds)Charles Babbage and his Calculating EnginesMore
Neumann, HannaSchwartz DistributionsMore
Neumann, HannaVarieties of GroupsMore
Nightingale, FlorenceNotes on Matters Affecting Health, Efficiency & Hospital Administration of the British ArmyMore
Nops, MarianneClass-Lessons on EuclidMore
Ollerenshaw, Kathleen and Brée, David S.Most-perfect pandiagonal magic squares: their construcion and enumerationMore
Péter, RózsaPlaying with Infinity: Mathematics for Everyman. More
Payne-Gaposchkin CeciliaVariable Stars and Galactic StructureMore
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaAutobiography and Other Recollections (ed. Haramundanis, Katherine -- her daughter)More
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaIntroduction to astronomyMore
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaStars and ClustersMore
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaStars in the MakingMore
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaStars of High LuminosityMore
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaStellar AtmospheresMore
Payne-Gaposchkin, CeciliaThe Galactic NovaMore
Proctor, MaryChildren's Book of the HeavensMore
Proctor, MaryEvenings with the StarsMore
Proctor, MaryEveryman's AstronomyMore
Proctor, MaryGiant Sun and his FamilyMore
Proctor, MaryLegends of the StarsMore
Proctor, MaryLegends of the Sun and MoonMore
Proctor, MaryOrigin of CometsMore
Proctor, MaryRomance of CometsMore
Proctor, MaryRomance of the MoonMore
Proctor, MaryRomance of the PlanetsMore
Proctor, MaryRomance of the SunMore
Proctor, MaryStories of StarlandMore
Proctor, MaryThe Book of the HeavensMore
Proctor, MaryWonders of the SkyMore
Roberts, Dorothea KlumpkeContribution à l'étude des anneaux de SaturneMore
Roberts, Dorothea KlumpkeTrois Fondateurs de la Photographie AstronomiqueMore
Rogers, M. M.Arithmetic is EasyMore
Scott, C. A.Singular Points and Asymptotes of Plane CurvesMore
Scott, Charlotte A.An Introductory Account of Certain Modern Ideas and Methods in Plane Analytical GeometryMore
Scott, Charlotte A.Cartesian Plane Geometry Part I: Analytical Conics More
Seal, H. L.Stochastic Theory of a Risk BusinessMore
Somervell, E.L., MrsA Rhythmic Approach to MathematicsMore
Somerville, Martha (ed.)Mary Somerville: Personal Recollections from early life to old age (with selections from her correspondence)More
Somerville, MaryA Preliminary Dissertation on the Mechanism of the HeavensMore
Somerville, MaryMechanism of the HeavensMore
Somerville, MaryOn Molecular & Microscopic Science (2 vols)More
Somerville, MaryOn the Connexion of the Physical SciencesMore
Somerville, MaryPhysical GeographyMore
Storr, M.The Teaching of Arithmetic in Theory and Practice ... More
Taylor, E. G. R.Late Tudor & Early Stuart Geography 1583-1650More
Taylor, E. G. R.The Geometrical SeamanMore
Taylor, E. G. R.The Haven-Finding Art: A History of Navigation from Odysseus to Captain CookMore
Taylor, E. G. R.The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840More
Taylor, E. G. R.The Mathematical Practitioners of Tudor and Stuart EnglandMore
Taylor, E. G. R.Tudor Geography 1485-1583More
Taylor, JanetA Planisphere of the fixed starsMore
Taylor, JanetDirections for Using a PlanisphereMore
Taylor, JanetDiurnal Register for Barometer, Sympiesometer, Thermometer and HygrometerMore
Taylor, JanetEpitome of Navigation & Nautical AstronomyMore
Taylor, JanetLunar and Horary Tables: with the shortest method of finding the longitude and the timeMore
Taylor, JanetLunar Tables: by which the true distance is obtained from the apparent altitudesMore
Taylor, JanetLuni-Solar and Horary Tables, with their Application in Nautical AstronomyMore
Taylor, JanetPrinciples of Navigation SimplifiedMore
Taylor, LucyAstronomers and their ObservationsMore
Telling, Helen GraceThe Rational Quartic Curve in space of 3 and 4 DimensionsMore
Turner, D. M.History of Science Teaching in EnglandMore
Turner, D. M.Makers of Science: Electricity and Magnetism (with an introduction by Charles Singer)More
Turner, D. M.The Book of Scientific Discovery: How Science has Aided Human WelfareMore
Voltaire, F.M. de and Du Châtelet, EmilieEléments de la philosophie de NewtonMore
Waller, Mary DésiréeChladni Figures: a study in symmetryMore
Ward, Hon. Mrs [Mary]Telescope Teachings: A Familiar Sketch of Astronomical DiscoveryMore
Wolstenholme, E.O.Elementary VectorsMore
Wrinch, DorothyFourier Transforms and Structure FactorsMore
Yeldham, Florence A.Percentage TablesMore
Yeldham, Florence A.The Story of Reckoning in the Middle AgesMore
Yeldham, Florence A.The Teaching of Arithmetic through Four Hundred Years (1535-1935)More
Young, G.C. and Young, W.H.Selected Papers (ed. Chatterji and Wefelscheid)More
Young, Grace ChisholmThe First Book of GeometryMore
Young, William Henry, and Young, Grace ChisholmThe Theory of Sets of PointsMore

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