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Alphabetical list of names beginning with B

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Bacchus, Georgina
Bacon, Margaret
Baddiley, Olive
Baguley, Elsie
Bailey, Doris
Bailey, Margaret
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Muriel
Bailie, Elizabeth
Bain, Catherine
Bain, Margaret
Baird, Marjorie
Baker, Edith
Baker, Irene
Baldwin, Florence
Baldwin, Mabel
Ball, Dorothy
Balmain, Jenny
Balthazar, Olga
Banks, Janet
Bannister, Clara
Barber, Jessie
Barclay, Bessie
Barclay, Jeannie
Barker, Alice
Barker, Mary
Barker, Muriel
Barker, Muriel (II)
Barkley, Margaret
Barlow, Cicely
Barlow, May
Barnard, Edith
Barnard, Mildred
Barnes, Eleanor
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Mary
Barnett, Agnes
Barr, Elizabeth
Barrett, Alice
Barrett, Louisa
Barrie, Lilian
Barrington, Amy
Barron, Eliza
Barron, Jane
Barron, Williamina
Barton, Audrey
Barton, Ethel
Barton, Nancy

Bartram, Helen
Barwell, Mildred
Bate, Katherine
Bateman, Betty
Bateman, Jessie
Bates, Ethel
Bates, Florence
Bateson, Frances
Batley, Edith
Batson, Jessie
Batty, Joyce
Baxter, May
Bayliss, Bertha
Beall, Agnes
Beard, Mary
Beare, Jean
Beattie, Margaret C
Beattie, Margaret Woodrow
Beavis, Hilda
Beck, Dorothy
Beck, Mary
Bedford, Edith
Beebe, Harriet
Beeton, Mary
Beharell, Dorothy
Behrman, Ellen
Bell, Emily
Bell, Laura
Bell, Lily
Bellamy, Kathleen
Benger, Lizzie
Benison, Edith
Bennett, Ada
Bennett, Agnes
Bennett, Doris
Bennett, Margery
Bennett, Mary
Bennett, Mary Louisa
Bennett, Muriel
Bennett, Winifred
Benson, Annette
Beresford, Doreen
Berryman, Florence
Bertram, Jean
Bethell, Ida
Bevan, Nancy
Beveridge, Jessie
Bickersteth, Frances

Biddle, Mary
Biddlecombe, Anne
Bidgood, Gladys
Biggs, Edith
Billinghurst, Alice
Bilsdon, Florence
Binks, Doris
Binks, Evelyn
Birch, Ada
Birkby, Emily
Birks, Eunice
Bishop, Gertrude
Bishop, Henrietta
Bishop, Joan
Black, Agnes
Black, Elizabeth
Black, Jean
Black, Margaret
Blackburn, Jessie
Blackledge, Mary
Blandford, Kathleen
Blinkhorn, Barbara
Bloomfield, Katherine
Blyth, Violet
Bodkin, Norah Ellen
Bodkin, Norah Helen
Boecker, Florence
Bolden, Violet
Bonny, Olive
Bonsall, Avice
Booker, Annie
Boorn, Dorothy
Booth, Evelyn
Borchardt, Malvina
Borne, Dora
Boulter, Winifred
Bourne, Diana
Bourne, Joan
Bowell, Barbara
Bower, Eva
Bowerley, Mary
Bowyer, Vera
Boyd, Lesbia
Boyd, Lucy
Boyd, Margaret
Boyle, Margaret
Boyle, Mary
Bozman, Agnes

Bradburn, Mary
Bradfield, Frances
Bradley, Freda
Braginton, Dorothy
Braginton, Minnie
Braginton, Sophie
Brandon, Florence
Bray, Florence
Breakwell, Winifred
Brennan, Dorothy
Bretherton, Annie
Brewin, Nora
Briggs, Enid
Briggs, Ethel
Bright, Mary
Brind, Eileen
Briselden, Alberta
Bristol, Nora
Bristow, Marjorie
Broadbent, Portia
Brock, Elsie
Brodie, Mary
Bromby, Helen
Bromiley, Lillian
Bronowski, Lilli
Brook, Stella
Brooke, Eileen
Brooks, Dorothy
Brooks, Joan
Brooks, May
Brotherwood, Alice
Brough, Esther
Brown, Ada
Brown, Amy
Brown, Annie
Brown, Barbara
Brown, Bessie
Brown, Catherine
Brown, Dorothy
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Elsie
Brown, Elsie Margaret
Brown, Florence
Brown, Frances
Brown, Helen
Brown, Hilda

Brown, Kathleen
Brown, Lilian
Brown, Mabel
Brown, Maisie
Brown, Mary Grace
Brown, Mary McIntyre
Brown, Miriam
Brown, Muriel
Browne, Henrietta
Browne, Hilda
Browne, Ivy
Brunyate, Annie
Brunyate, Christina
Bruster, Kathleen
Bruton, Hilda
Bryan-Brown, Lilian
Bryant, Sophie
Bryant, Violet
Buchanan, Rhoda
Buckingham, Madge
Buckley, Mary
Budden, Mary
Budden, Stella
Bugby, Hilda
Buick, Marjorie
Bullen, Ann
Bullock, Effie
Bullock, Margaret
Bunce, Fanny
Bundy, Edith
Burden, Joan
Burne, Adeline
Burne, Kathleen
Burnett, Margaret
Burnley, Sylvia
Burns, Mary
Burrows, Lucy
Burstall, Sara
Burston, Nancy
Busbridge, Evelyn
Busbridge, Ida
Butler, Annie
Butler, Elsie
Butlin, Ida
Butterworth, Freda
Byford, Frederica
Byrne, Alice


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