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M'Alpine, Elizabeth
M'Clure, Jeannie
M'Coll, Mary
M'Connell, Jessie
M'Cormack, Annie
M'Cormick, Olive
M'Cutcheon, Jane
M'Elderry, Annie
M'Gown, Janet
M'Gregor, Lilias
M'Intosh, Jeannie
M'Laren, Allison
M'Leish, Jessie
M'Pherson, Catherine
M'Vittie, Elizabeth
Macbean, Eve
Maccoll, Sarah
MacDonald, Grace
MacDonald, Lena
Macdonald, Margaret
Macdonald, Muriel
MacDougall, Miriam
MacDuff, Elizabeth
MacGregor, Elizabeth
Macgregor, Margaret
MacGregor, Margaret U
Macintosh, Catherine
Mackay, Elizabeth
Mackenzie, Annie
Mackenzie, Geraldine
Mackenzie, Gladys
Mackenzie, Grace
Mackenzie, Isabella
Mackenzie, Kathleen
Mackenzie, Marian
Mackenzie, Mary
Mackie, Anna
Mackintosh, Beatrice
Mackintosh, Fanny
Mackintosh, Sadie
Mackray, Cicely
Maclachlan, Mary
Maclean, Marjorie
MacLeish, Nora
Macleod, Agnes
Macmillan, Jessie
Macpherson, Janet
Macrae, Mary

Maddison, Ada
Maddock, Annie
Maddock, Gwynneth
Mager, Florence
Mailer, Ann
Mailer, Catherine
Mair, Ethel
Maitland, Barbara
Maitland, Enid
Makepeace, Dorothy
Malcolm, Alison
Malden, Anne
Mallison, Lilian
Mangnall, Eleanor
Mangold, Alice
Manning, Marjorie
Mansell, Doris
Manson, Margaret
Manuel, Jemima
Marks, Hertha
Marlow, Hilda
Marr, Mabel
Marrack, Helen
Marriott, Edna
Marsden, Ruth
Marshall, Dorothy
Marshall, Florence
Marshall, Margaret
Martell, Katherine
Martin Leake, Alice
Martin Leake, Mary
Martin, Ella
Martin, Jean
Martin, Margaret Kirkham
Martin, Margaret Theodora
Martin, Olive
Maslen, Eleanor
Mason, Gladys
Mason, Margery
Mason, Marguerite
Massey, Vera
Masson, Katherine
Masterton, Flora
Mathew, Jane
Mathews, Alma
Mathews, Irene
Maton, Juanita
Matthaei, Anne

Matthew, Sheila
Matton, Dorothy
May, Elma
May, Olive
Mayger, Elsie
McAfee, Mary
McAleese, Lena
McAulay, Margaret
McBain, Flora
McCall, Helen
McCallum, Elizabeth
McCartney, Mary
McCroben, Gertrude
McDiarmid, Agnes
McDiarmid, Annie
McDonald, Mary
McGregor, Mary
McHardy, Caroline
McIlroy, Kathleen
McInnes, Mary
McIntosh, Kathleen
McIntyre, Violet
McKay, Felicite
McLachlan, Hannah
McLean, Jeannie
McMillan, Alice
McNicol, Margaret
McOnie, Rachel
Mead, Margaret
Mead, Sarah
Medwin, Edith
Meetham, Mildred
Meffan, Annie
Meiklejohn, Elsa
Mellor, Dorothy
Melvin, Evelyn
Mercer, Alice
Mercer, Florence
Merrifield, Janet
Merriman, Doris
Merson, Isabella
Metcalfe, Doris
Meyer, Margaret
Meyler, Dorothy
Miall, Katherine
Middlehurst, Barbara
Middleton, Ethel
Midgley, Edith

Midgley, Jeannie
Millard, Evelyn
Miller, Amelia
Miller, Dorothy
Miller, Helen
Miller, Janet
Miller, Margaret
Millican, Margaret
Milliner, Vera
Millington, Marjorie
Mills, Catherine
Mills, Dorothy
Mills, Rose
Milman, Joanna
Milne, Mary
Milner, Doris
Mitchell, Ada
Mitchell, Dorothy
Mitchell, Edith
Mitchell, Florence
Mitchell, Hannah
Mitchell, Irene
Mitchell, Jean
Mitchell, Joan
Mitchell, Margaret
Moger, Olive
Moir, Annie
Moir, Margaret
Molloy, Alice
Molyneux, Hilda
Monks, Irene
Monro, Katharine
Moody, Agnes
Moon, Minnie
Moore, Marjorie
Moore, Minnie
Moorhead, Doris
Moorhead, Joyce
Moorhouse, Mary
Morfitt, Margaret
Morgan, Ellen
Morgan, Elsie
Morgan, Hilda
Morgan, Marie
Morgan, Mildred
Morison, Elizabeth
Morland, Helen
Morley, Dorothy

Morley, Hilda
Morrin, Winifred
Morris, Dorothy
Morris, Edith
Morris, Ethelberta
Morris, Isobel
Morris, Marian
Morris, Muriel
Morris, Rosa
Morris, Winifred
Morrison, Agnes
Morrison, Ann
Morrison, Edith
Morrison, Isabella
Morrison, Isobel
Mortimer, Grace
Mosley, Edith
Moss, Eleanor
Moss, Mary
Mossman, Alice
Motley, Dorothea
Mott, Betty
Moul, Margaret
Mounfield, Kathleen
Moylan, Hannah
Muddle, Gladys
Mudie, Agnes
Mudie, Muriel
Muggeridge, Ethel
Muir, Margaret
Mulligan, Mabel
Mullins, Ellinor
Mullock, Amy
Mumford, Margaret
Mumford, Winifred
Mundy, May
Munns, Freda
Murdoch, Helen
Murray, Alice
Murray, Annie
Murray, Elizabeth
Murray, Gwneth
Murray, Helen
Murray, Isabel
Murray, Margaret
Murray, Mary
Murten, Blanche
Musson, Helen
Mutch, Jane


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