EMS 1955 Colloquium

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society held its second St Andrews Colloquium after World War II in St Andrews from 6 to 16 July 1955.

A picture of the 1955 Colloquium is available at THIS LINK.
  1. The Lecturers of the St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1955.

    The following gave five lectures:

    1. Mr Michael F Atiyah (Cambridge) - "Topological Methods in Algebraic Geometry."

    2. Professor Philip Hall (Cambridge) - "Symmetric Functions in the Theory of Groups."

    3. Professor Werner W Rogosinski (Newcastle) - "The Hahn-Banach Theorem and its Applications."

    4. Professor John L Synge (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) - "Hamilton's Method in the Relativistic Theory of Waves, Particles and Photons."

      The following gave three lectures:

    5. Professor Eduard Stiefel (ETH, Zürich) - "Strategy in Relaxation and in the Numerical Computation of Eigen-Values."

      The opening lecture was:

    6. Professor Alec C Aitken (Edinburgh) - "Numerical Analysis and Algebra."

      Single lectures were given by:

    7. Professor Adriaan C Zanen (Delft).

    8. Professor Balth van der Pol (Geneva).
  2. Report in the St Andrews Citizen.

    The following report was in the St Andrews Citizen on Saturday 16 July 1955:

    The St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium of Edinburgh Mathematical Society began on Wednesday at St Andrews. The meeting opened with an address by Professor A C Aitken, Edinburgh, on "Numerical Analysis and Algebra." A series of five lectures is being given during the next week by Mr M F Atiyah, Cambridge, on "Topological Methods in Algebraic Geometry. Professor P Hall, Cambridge, on "Symmetric Functions in the Theory of Groups." Professor W W Rogosinski, Newcastle, on "The Hahn-Banach Theorem and its Applications" and Professor J L Synge, on "Hamilton's Method in the Relativistic Theory of Waves, Particles and Photons." A series of three lectures is to be given by Professor E Stiefel, Zurich, on "Strategy in Relaxation and in the Numerical Computation of Eigen-Values," Single lectures are to be delivered by Professor A C Zanen, Delft, and Professor B van der Pol, Geneva.

  3. Advertisement for the 1955 St Andrews Colloquium.

    St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium 1955.

    The Edinburgh Mathematical Society is organising a gathering, which will take place in St Andrews from 13th to 23rd July 1955. The business of the Colloquium will consist of several short invited courses of lectures on topics of general interest to mathematicians, supplemented by a number of single lectures, which will usually, but not always, be on more specialized subjects.

    The following mathematicians have kindly consented to lecture:

    M F Atiyah (Cambridge): Topological methods in algebraic geometry.

    Prof P Hall (Cambridge): Symmetric functions in the theory of groups.

    Professor W W Rogosinski (Newcastle): The Hahn-Banach theorem and its application to classical analysis.

    Professor J L Synge (Dublin): Hamilton's method in the relativistic theory of waves, particles and photons.

    Professor E Stiefel (Zürich): Strategy in relaxation and in the numerical computation of eigen-values.

    The timetable of lectures will be arranged so that members will be able to enjoy many of the amenities which make St Andrews one of the most attractive holiday resorts. Members are encouraged to bring their wives and adult friends or relations, who will find plenty to interest them while the mathematicians are at work.

    Accommodation is available for a limited number of members in University residences, and members who wish such accommodation reserved for themselves and their friends, should register as soon as possible. The fees charged per person will be as follows:

    Combined membership and accommodation fee ... £10 10 0
    Membership fee for non-resident members ... £1 12 6

    The above charges include the registration fee of 10/- per person, which should accompany the form of application, obtainable by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the Colloquium Secretary, Mr J R Gray, United College, St Andrews. The Secretary cannot undertake to find accommodation for members in the numerous hotels and boarding houses which the town possesses.

  4. Edinburgh Mathematical Society Committee Minutes.

    In the Minutes of the November 1955 Committee meeting:

    Professor Hall and Mr Atiyah should receive 1st class travel expenses for their visit to St Andrews.