EMS 1984 Colloquium

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society held the St Andrews Colloquium in St Andrews from 25 July to 4 August 1984. Note that these dates were later than usual, chosed so as to avoid the Open Golf Championship held in St Andrews in the summer of 1984.

A picture of the 1984 Colloquium is available at THIS LINK.
  1. The Lecturers of the St Andrews Mathematical Colloquium, 1984.

    The following gave a series of seven lectures:

    (a) Professor Walter K Hayman (Imperial College, London).

    (b) Professor John M Ball (Heriot-Watt) - "Calculus of variations and non-linear elasticity."

    (c) Professor Friedrich Hirzebruch (Bonn) - "Algebraic surfaces."

    (d) Professor Donald Passman (Wisconsin) - "Infinite group rings and crossed products."

  2. From the Minutes of the General Council Meeting in October 1984.

    There were 81 members of the 1984 St Andrews Colloquium and 26 'guests'.

    The Colloquium organiser was Dorothy M E Foster.