Papers by Horatio Carslaw in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

The steady motion of a spherical vortex Vol XV (1896) 76-80
Note on the transformations of the equations of hydrodynamics Vol XVI (1897) 36-38
Oblique incidence of a train of plane waves on a semi-infinite plane Vol XIX (1900) 71-77
Note on the use of Fourier's series in the problem of the transverse vibrations of strings Vol XX (1901) 23-28
Note on the Inequality Theorem that mxm-1( x - 1) > xm - 1 > m( x - 1) unless when 0< m <1, when mxm-1( x - 1) < xm - 1 < m( x - 1), where x is any positive quantity other than unity Vol XX (1901) 29-30
The use of Green's functions in the mathematical theory of the conduction of heat Vol 21 (1902) 40-64
Gauss's theorem on the regular polygons which can be constructed by Euclid's method Vol 28 (1909) 121-128
The Bolyai-Lobatschewsky non-Euclidean geometry: an elementary interpretation of this geometry and some results which follow from this interpretation Vol 28 (1909) 95-120
A problem in the linear flow of heat discussed from the point of view of the theory of integral equations Vol 30 (1911) 97-106
Integral equations and the determination of Green's functions in the theory of potential Vol 31 (1912) 71-89