Papers by John Dougall in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

Proof of the theorem that the middle points of the three diagonals of a complete quadrilateral are collinear Vol XV (1896) 81
Note on the centre of gravity of a circular arc Vol XVI (1897) 49-50
A general method of solving the equation of elasticity Vol XVI (1897) 82-98
The determination of Green's function by means of cylindrical or spherical harmonics Vol XVIII (1899) 33-83
Note on the application of complex integration to the equation of conduction of heat, with special reference to Dr Peddie's problem (See Vol. XIX, p. 34) Vol XIX (1900) 50-56
Quantitative proofs of certain algebraical inequalities Vol 24 (1905) 61-77
Notes on the Apollonian problem and the allied theory Vol 24 (1905) 78-119
On Vandermonde's theorem and some more general expansions Vol 25 (1906) 114-132
Notes on the Apollonian problem and the allied theory Vol 26 (1907) 58-66
On the Tucker circles of a spherical triangle Vol 27 (1908) 89-93
Notes on spherical harmonics Vol 32 (1913) 30-35
A theorem on the contact of circles leading up to the theorems of Feuerbach and Hart Vol 33 (1914) 42-47
The solution of Mathieu's differential equation Vol 34 (1915) 176-196
A theorem of Sonine in Bessel functions, with two extensions to spherical harmonics Vol 37 (1918) 33-47
On the solution of Mathieu's differential equation and their asymptotic expansions Vol 41 (1922) 26-48
Discussion on tangency in elementary geometry Vol 44 (1925) 47-54
The solutions of Mathieu's differential equation: representation by contour integrals, and asymptotic expansions Vol 44 (1925) 57-71
On a certain expression for a spherical harmonic, with some extensions Vol VIII (1889) 81-89
Graphical treatment of the geometrical progression Notes: 1 (1909)
The fallacy of the figure in geometry Notes: 4 (1910)
The solution of "homogeneous" quadratics Notes: 4 (1910)
Graphical solution of equations of the form a cos θ + b cos θ = c, without the aid of tables Notes: 5 (1910)
On the solubility of linear algebraic equations Notes: 11 (1912)
On the solubility of linear algebraic equations (continued) Notes: 12 (1913)
Proof of the sufficiency of the determinant condition for the consistency of a system of n homogeneous linear equations in n variables Notes: 12 (1913)
On the necessary and sufficient condition for the degeneracy of a quadratic function of a number of variables Notes: 12 (1913)
Elementary proof of the formula for αn + βn in terms of α+ β and αβ. Notes: 15 (1914)
Arithmetical solution of the ages problem Notes: 15 (1914)
Co-ordinates, conics and conjugate points Notes: 23 (1925)