Papers by George Gibson in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

Integrals of the form log {(x - a cos θ)2 +(y - b cos θ)2} cos or sin mθ dθ from 0 to 2π and allied Integrals Vol X (1891) 83-90
On the history of the Fourier series Vol XI (1892) 137-166
Revue Semestrielle des Publications Mathématiques Vol XI (1892) 167-170
A proof of the uniform convergence of the Fourier series, with notes on the differentiation of the series Vol XII (1893) 39-50
Review (with special reference to the Rise of the Infinitesimal Calculus and the Newton-Leibnitz controversy) of Cantor's Vorlesungen über Geschichte der Mathematik, Dritter Band Vol XIV (1895) 148-174
A reduction formula for indefinite integrals Vol XIV (1895) 27-30
Some properties of parabolic curves Vol XIV (1895) 31-34
The treatment of arithmetic progressions by Archimedes Vol XVI (1897) 2-12
The treatment of proportion in elementary geometry Vol XVI (1897) 99-110
Vorlesungen über Geschichte der Mathematik, von Moritz Cantor. A review: with special reference to the Analyst controversy Vol XVII (1898) 10-32
Note on the fundamental inequality theorems connected with ex and xm Vol XVIII (1899) 84-87
Note on proofs by projection in Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry Vol XVIII (1899) 97-98
Proportion: a substitute for the Fifth Book of Euclid's Elements Vol XVIII (1899) App:1-26
An extension of Abel's theorem on the continuity of a power series Vol XIX (1900) 67-70
The second integral theorem of mean value: a geometrical proof Vol XX (1901) 2-5
Note on M. Collignon's Paper on the Integration of ancos a da and ansin a da Vol 22 (1903) 11
Note on the treatment of tangents in recent text-books of elementary geometry Vol 22 (1903) 64-67
De la Vallée Poussin's extension of Poisson's integral Vol 25 (1906) 18-25
Gilbert's method of treating tangents to confocal conicoids Vol III (1884) 61-70
A proof of the binomial theorem, with some applications Vol 38 (1919) 6-9
Taylor's theorem and Bernoulli's theorem: a historical note Vol 39 (1920) 25-33
Notes on integration by parts and by successive reduction Vol IV (1885) 88-91
Newton's conception of a limit as interpreted by Jurin and Robins respectively Vol 40 (1921) 9-20
James Gregory's mathematical work: a study based chiefly on his letters Vol 41 (1922) 2-25
Some criticisms of Robert Simson by Sir T L Heath Vol 44 (1925) 39-46
Discussion on tangency in elementary geometry Vol 44 (1925) 47-54
Extension of a theorem of Abel's in summation to integration Vol VI (1887) 40-42
A short notice of the additions to the mathematical theory of heat since the transmission of Fourier's memoir of 1811 to the French Academy Vol VII (1888) 5-8
Green's and allied theorems: a historical sketch [Abstract] Vol VIII (1889) 2-5
The pedal line of a triangle and theorems connected with it Vol IX (1890) 50-55
The theorem of Pythagoras Notes: 1 (1909)
The limit of [cos (x/n)]n and [{sin (x/n)}/(x/n)]n, when n tends to infinity Notes: 20 (1916)