Papers by John S Mackay in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

Adams's Hexagons and Circles Vol XI (1892) 104-106
History of the Nine-point Circle Vol XI (1892) 19-57
Early History of the Symmedian Point Vol XI (1892) 92-103
The geometrography of Euclid's problems Vol XII (1893) 2-16
Formulae connected with the Radii of the incircle and the excircles of a triangle Vol XII (1893) 86-105
Formulae connected with the Radii of the Incircle and the Excircles of a Triangle Vol XIII (1894) 103-104
Isogonals of a Triangle Vol XIII (1894) 166-178
Properties connected with the Angular Bisectors of a Triangle Vol XIII (1894) 37-102
Symmedians of a Triangle and their concomitant Circles Vol XIV (1895) 37-103
Isogonic Centres of a Triangle Vol XV (1896) 100-118
The Circles associated with the Triangle, viewed from their Centres of Similitude Vol II (1883) 2-4
Geometrical problem Vol II (1883) 27-27
History of a theorem in Elementary Geometry Vol XX (1901) 18-22
Note on the Theorems of Menelaus and Ceva Vol XX (1901) 35-39
Bibliography of the Envelope of the Wallace Line (the three-cusped Hypocycloid) Vol 23 (1904) 80-88
The so-called Simson line Vol III (1884) 105-105
Mnemonics for π, 1/π, e Vol III (1884) 105-107
The Shoemaker's Knife Vol III (1884) 2-11
Geometrical Notes Vol III (1884) 38-42
Geometry of the Rule Vol III (1884) 70-70
Abstract of one of Euler's papers Vol IV (1885) 51-55
On the Divisibility of certain Numbers Vol IV (1885) 55-56
Solutions of Euclid's Problems, with a rule and one fixed aperture of the compasses, by the Italian geometers of the sixteenth century Vol V (1886) 2-22
A Trigonometrical Note Vol V (1886) 61-61
Historical Notes on a Geometrical Theorem and its Developments. [18th century.] Vol V (1886) 62-78
Properties of the figure consisting of a triangle, and the squares described on its sides Vol VI (1887) 2-12
Pappus on the Progressions Vol VI (1887) 48-58
Similitude and Inversion Vol VI (1887) 69-87
Solutions of two geometrical problems Vol VII (1888) 42-46
Some new Properties of the Triangle Vol VIII (1889) 5-5
Historical notes on a geometrical problem and theorem Vol VIII (1889) 93-94
Some New Properties of the Triangle Vol IX (1890) 2-2
The Wallace line and the Wallace point Vol IX (1890) 83-91
The theorem of Pythagoras Notes: 2 (1909)
A puzzle of Dr. Whewell's Notes: 11 (1912)
Whewell's puzzle postscript Notes: 12 (1913)