Papers by Robert Muirhead in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

E. Carpenter's proof of Taylor's theorem Vol XII (1893) 114-117
Note on triangle transformations Vol XIII (1894) 112-114 and 129-131
Some suggestions in mathematical terminology Vol XIII (1894) 143
Proof of a theorem in conics Vol XIII (1894) 156-159
On superposition by the aid of dissection Vol XIV (1895) 109-112
On deducing the properties of the trigonometrical functions from their addition equations Vol XIV (1895) 127-134
On the number and nature of the solutions of the Apollonian contact problem Vol XIV (1895) 135-147
On a method of studying displacement Vol XV (1896) 119-128
Solution of a geometrical problem {description: circles} Vol XVI (1897) 48
Permutations: alternative proofs of elementary formulae Vol XVI (1897) 68-69
On the transformation-sequence Vol XVI (1897) 70-76
Against Euler's proof of the Binomial Theorem for negative and fractional exponents Vol XVII (1898) 38-39
Note on continued fractions Vol XVII (1898) 39-41
A proof of the Binomial Theorem when the exponent is a positive integer Vol XVII (1898) 42
Note referring to the paper in Vol. XVIII, pp. 5-10 Vol XVIII (1899) 100
Remark on Dr Peddie's proof of the potential theorems regarding uniform spherical shells Vol XVIII (1899) 32
The dissection of any two triangles into mutually similar pairs of triangles Vol XVIII (1899) 5-10
Inequalities relating to some algebraic means Vol XIX (1900) 36-45
Notes on the theorems of Menelaus and Ceva Vol XX (1901) 62-66
Constructions connected with Euclid VI. 3 and VI. A, and the circle of Apollonius Vol XX (1901) 67-69
Geometry of the isosceles trapezium and the contra-parallelogram, with applications to the geometry of the ellipse Vol XX (1901) 70-72
Note on the theory of the rolling of one rigid surface on another Vol XX (1901) 8-10
Some methods applicable to identities and inequalities of symmetric algebraic functions of n letters Vol 21 (1902) 144-157
Construction connected with the locus of a point at which two segments of a straight line subtend equal angles Vol 21 (1902) 158
On the use of the term Power in geometry, and on the treatment of the "doubtful sign" Vol 22 (1903) 68-73
Solution of a geometrical problem Vol 22 (1903) 74-75
Minimum deviation through a prism Vol 22 (1903) 76-79
Some proofs of Newton's theorem on sums of powers of roots Vol 23 (1904) 66-70
A proof of Waring's expression for ∑ αr in terms of the coefficients of an equation Vol 23 (1904) 71-74
Proofs of an inequality Vol 24 (1905) 45-50
Elementary methods for calculating first and second moments of simple configurations Vol 25 (1906) 107-113
To express a determinant of the nth order in terms of compound determinants of the second order, and vice versa Vol 26 (1907) 15-17
A graphic method of solving n simultaneous linear equations involving n unknowns Vol 26 (1907) 30-36
On Wilkinson's method of treating the nine-points circle, with generalizations Vol 28 (1909) 129-147
The anharmonic ratios of four points in a straight line Vol 28 (1909) 14-22
A method for successive graphic interpretations Vol 29 (1910) 78-82
A mechanism for solving equations for the nth degree Vol 30 (1911) 69-74
Notes on mathematical induction Vol 31 (1912) 47-53
Some graphical methods for determining centres of gravity Vol 32 (1913) 36-43
Theorems analogous to Newton's theorems on symmetric functions: with elementary proofs Vol 32 (1913) 44-48
Rolling loads: a new graphical method Vol 36 (1917) 96-102
Extension of Frenet's formulae to a curve in flat space of n dimensions Vol 38 (1919) 20-23
A version of Hagen's proof of the law of error Vol 38 (1919) 24-26
Elementary proof of the formula V2/R Vol 38 (1919) Notes
Common logarithms calculated by simple multiplication Vol 40 (1921) Notes
Note on topics of regions separated by boundaries Vol 43 (1924) 111-114
Notes on the logic of equation solving Notes: 2 (1909)
A rule for resolving integral algebraic expressions into factors Notes: 4 (1910)
The ambiguous case in the solution of triangles Notes: 8 (1911)
Notes on algebraic inequalities Notes: 11 (1912)
Two theorems on determinants, and their application to the proof of the volume-formula for tetrahedra Notes: 13 (1913)
A construction by ruler and dividers Notes: 15 (1914)
Note on students and original work Notes: 17 (1915)
Centre of curvature Notes: 20 (1916)
Proof of some inequalities and limits Notes: 21 (1916)