Papers by William Peddie in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

Deduction of the thermodynamical relations Vol X (1891) 41-43
The elements of Quaternions Vol XI (1892) 104
Discussion of the proofs of the laws of the quaternionic algebra Vol XI (1892) 130-136
On the use of dimensional equations [Abstract] Vol XI (1892) 7
On the fundamental principles of Quaternions with other vector analyses Vol XI (1892) 85-92
Elementary proof of the potential theorems regarding uniform spherical shells Vol XVIII (1899) 30
Note on the cooling of a sphere in a mass of well-stirred liquid Vol XIX (1900) 34-35
On the representation of the physical properties of substances by means of surfaces Vol II (1883) 33-40
A construction for the force, at any point, due to electric point-charges or ideal magnets, with an extension to continuous distributions Vol XX (1901) 73-75
On the uniqueness of solution of the linear differential equation of the second order Vol 21 (1902) 73-83
Conditions for the Reality of the Roots of an n-ic Vol 24 (1905) 56-58
To transform a rectangle into a square Vol IV (1885) 24
The theory of contours and its applications in physical science Vol IV (1885) 25-28 61-64
On the use of dimensional equations in physics Vol IX (1890) 30-36