Papers by David Picken in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

On the fractional infinite series for cosec x, sec x, cot x and tan x Vol 22 (1903) 14-20
Note on the method of finding the particular integral of the differential equation f (D) y = ∑ arxr Vol 22 (1903) 21
The proof by projection of the addition theorem in trigonometry Vol 23 (1904) 40-42
A direct method of obtaining the foci and directrices from the general equation of the second degree Vol 23 (1904) 96-99
On the reduction of the integral of (Lx + M)/[(Ax2 +2Bx +C)m(ax2 +2bx +b)] Vol 24 (1905) 36-37
Note on the envelope-investigation Vol 25 (1906) 67-68