Papers by Peter Pinkerton in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

Note on normals to conics Vol VIII (1889) 19-21
On the condition that the straight line lx + my + nz = 0 should be a normal to the conic ( a, b, c, f, g, h)(x, y, z)2 = 0 the co-ordinates being trilinear Vol IX (1890) 2-4
On the Conditions that a given Straight Line may be a Normal to the Quadric Surface Vol XIII (1894) 126-128
Note on Mr Tweedie's Theorem in Geometry Vol 22 (1903) 27-27
The Turning-Values of a Cubic Function and the nature of the roots of a Cubic Equation Vol 22 (1903) 86-89
Note on the Problem: To draw through a given point a transversal to (a) a given triangle (b) a given quadrilateral so that the intercepted segments may have (a) a given ratio (b) a given cross ratio Vol 22 (1903) 89-89
The Turning-Values of Cubic and Quartic Functions and the Nature of the Roots of Cubic and Quartic Equations Vol 23 (1904) 43-48
On a Nine-Point Conic, etc. Vol 24 (1905) 31-33
Points at Infinity, etc., in a plane Vol 25 (1906) 26-35
On Area-Theory, and some applications Vol 25 (1906) 69-79
Quadratic equations Notes: 1 (1909)
Similar figures Notes: 3 (1909)
Internal and external bisectors, and an example of continuity Notes: 3 (1909)
The asymptotes of the hyperbola Notes: 6 (1910)
Rate of change of momentum Notes: 6 (1910)
Deductions of propositions on tangents from propositions on secants Notes: 14 (1913)
The expansion of sin x and cos x Notes: 14 (1913)
Trigonometry survey Notes: 17 (1915)