Papers by Alexander Durie Russell in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

A special case of the dissection of any two triangles into mutually similar pairs of triangles Vol XVIII (1899) 28-29
Geometrical Proofs of the Trigonometrical Ratios of 2θ and 3θ Vol 38 (1919) Notes
Geometrical Proof of tan ½(B - C) / tan ½(B + C) = (b - c) / (b + c) Vol 38 (1919) Notes
Trigonometrical ratios of the half angles of a triangle Vol 39 (1920) Notes
Trigonometrical Ratios of (A ± B) Vol 40 (1921) 60-61
Theorem regarding a regular polygon and a circle cutting its sides, with corollary and application to trigonometry Notes: 22 (1924)