Papers by P G Tait in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

Note on attraction Vol XI (1892) 84
Note on the circles of curvature of a plane curve Vol XIV (1895) 26
Centrobaric spherical surface distribution Vol XVIII (1899) 68-69
Summation of certain series [Abstract] Vol III (1884) 107-108
Note on a plane strain Vol III (1884) 42-45
On certain integrals Vol IV (1885) 23-24
An exercise on logarithmic tables Vol V (1886) 101-102
On the value of Δn 0m / nm, when m and n are very large Vol V (1886) 83-84
Note on Milner's lamp Vol V (1886) 97-98
On the relations between systems of curves which, together, cut their plane into squares Vol VII (1888) 2-3
Note on a curious operational theorem Vol VIII (1889) 21-22