Papers by Edmund Whittaker in the EMS Proceedings and Notes

On the continued fractions which represent the functions of Hermite and other functions defined by differential equations Vol 32 (1913) 65-74
On the general solution of Mathieu's equation Vol 32 (1913) 75-80
On a class of differential equations whose solutions satisfy integral equations Vol 33 (1914) 14-23
On the latent roots of compound determinants and Brill's determinants Vol 35 (1916) 2-9
A formula for the solution of algebraic or transcendental equations Vol 36 (1917) 103-106
On determinants whose elements are determinants Vol 36 (1917) 107-115
On a new method of graduation {Read to the society in session 38} Vol 41 (1922) 63-75
A simple nomogram for the solution of quadratic equations Notes: 19 (1915)