EMS Lawson Ince

The deaths of Mr George Lawson and Dr Edward Lindsay Ince were reported to the meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society held in the Mathematical Institute, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, on Friday 2 May 1941.

Professor Whittaker referred to the loss sustained by the Society in the deaths of two prominent members, Mr George Lawson and Dr Edward Lindsay Ince. The former was President of the Society in 1937-38 and presided over the Mathematical Colloquium held during that session. He was deeply interested in the teaching of elementary mathematics, and held original views, which he had expounded to the Society, on the teaching of algebra in particular.

Professor Whittaker went on to describe Dr Ince's distinguished contributions to mathematics, referring in particular to his famous textbook on Differential Equations, and to his latest paper on Lamé Functions whose merits had been recognised by the award of the Makdougall-Brisbane prize of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In spite of many personal misfortunes and ill health, his output had shown no signs of deterioration; and indeed his latest paper was perhaps his greatest.

Professor Whittaker then formally proposed that messages of condolence should be sent in the Society's name to Mrs Lawson and Mrs Ince. The action was seconded by Dr Aitken.