Meeting of 2 February 1883

Location: Edinburgh, the Mathematical Class Room, Edinburgh University

Chair: Knott, Cargill Gilston

This was a preliminary meeting. The minutes are preceded by a short description of how the Society came to be, including the original letter of invitation that was sent to "gentlemen in Edinburgh, in Cambridge and throughout Scotland generally" whom the initiators deemed likely to take an interest in such a society.

Professor Tait had suggested "that the Society regard itself as the resuscitation of the Physio-Mathematical Society, which had led a vigorous existence during the years 1836-39, had revived at subsequent intervals, but finally collapsed in 1859, leaving behind it however, a library, some fragmentary apparatus, and a ballot box."

The minutes contain the eight motions including the names of the first Office-bearers and committee.

The Motions

Motion 1: That a Society be instituted called the Edinburgh Mathematical Society; and that its aim shall be the Mutual Improvement of its Members in the Mathematical Sciences, pure and applied.

Motion 2: That the Society shall consist of Honorary and Ordinary Members, the latter to be meanwhile specified as in the Circular of January 23.

Motion 3: That the Office-bearers of the Society shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and Four Additional Members of Committee, to be elected annually.

Motion 4: That Professor Tait and Professor Chrystal be elected Honorary Members

Motion 5: That the Professors of Pure and Applied mathematics on the three Scottish Universities be invited to become Honorary Members.

Motion 6: That the Society new elect as Office-bearers for the present year:
President: Mackay, John Sturgeon
Vice-President: Macfarlane, Alexander
Secretary: Knott, Cargill Gilston
Treasurer: Knott, Cargill Gilston

Motion 7: That the Society elect as Members of Committee for the present year:
Barclay, Andrew Jeffrey Gunion
Fraser, Alexander Yule
Allardice, Robert Edgar
Macdonald, William James

Motion 8: That the committee be instructed to draw up the Constitution for the Society and submit it to the Society at the first Ordinary Meeting to be held on Friday March 9, 1883 at 8 p.m.

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