Meeting of 12 March 1883

Location: Edinburgh, the Mathematical Class Room, Edinburgh University

Chair: Mackay, John Sturgeon

Chrystal, George: "Present Fields of Mathematical Research"

A hearty vote of thanks was given to Professor George Chrystal for his "interesting and suggestive address".
Sixty were present.
The rules were agreed to.

The Rules

1. The Edinburgh Mathematical Society shall consist of Ordinary and Honorary Members.

2. Every Ordinary Members shall pay on election and at the commencement of each succeeding session, a contribution of Five Shillings to the Funds of the Society.

3. Candidates for admission as Ordinary Members shall be proposed and seconded at one ordinary meeting of the Society and balloted for at the next, a majority of at least two thirds being necessary for election.

4. Honorary Members shall consist of persons eminently distinguished in the Mathematical Sciences.

5. Honorary Members shall be nominated by the Committee on a proposal subscribed by three members; and in case the Committee decline to bring this proposal before the Scoiety, it shall be competant for the proposers to bring the same before an ordinary meeting. In other respects the mode of election shall be the same as in the case of ordinary members.

6. The Ordinary Meetings shall be held on the Second Friday of each month from November to July inclusively. Special Meetings may be called by the Secretary, by direction of the Committee or on a requisition signed by twelve members.

7. The Office-bearers of the Society shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and four additional Members of Committee, to be elected from the ordinary membership at the first ordinary meeting of each session.

8. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Society, issue notices of the meetings to the members, and conduct all other necessary Correspondence.

9. The Treasurer shall submit to the first meeting of each session a Financial Statement for the previous sesion, duly audited by two other Members of Committee.

10. The Committee shall meet at least once a month during the session to arrange the business of the Society, the Secretary to be Conveber. Four shall form a quorum.

11. Abstracts of all papers read before the Society shall be left for preservation in the hands of the Secretary.

12. No motion to repeal or alter an existing rule, or to enact a new one, shall be made without notice at the preceding ordinary meeting, or carried without the consent of two-thirds of the members present.

13. A simple majority shall decide all questions not otherwise provided for in the Rules, the Chairman having in all cases both a deliberative and a casting vote

There is an error in rule no. 12. "No motion to repeal or alter an existing rule, or to enact a new one, shall be made with notice at the preceding ordinary meeting..." Someone has underlined the word "with" and added a question mark. Presumably the word "with" was meant to be "without".

In view of Rule V, the carrying out of Motion V of the Previous Meeting was transferred from the Secretary to private members.

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