World War II Appeal by the American Mathematical Society

The following appeal from the American Mathematical Society was sent to all sister organisations in all parts of the world. It was dated 24 February 1940.

The American Mathematical Society, gathered in New York for its February meeting, marks this occasion by giving collective expression to the deep sympathy felt by its members for the many scientific colleagues who today are suffering the deprivations and the agonies brought upon them by the spreading cancer of war; and by giving collective expression also to their grave, even desperate, concern for the preservation of the cultural values and the effective organs of scientific research throughout the world during these days of destruction. In the cause of simple humanity and in the interests of the unborn generations for whom science can prepare benefits as yet but dimly descried, the American Mathematical Society now appeals to its sister-societies in every land - and most particularly to those in lands which are at war with one another - to exert all possible effort towards the conservation of the scientific resources of the world against the day when peace shall reign once more. The Society calls upon its sister-societies to concern themselves especially for those scientists who, by fortune of war, may fall prisoner or may come under new flags, to the end that their individual sufferings may be mitigated and their scientific activity continued to the benefit of all men; and it declares its readiness to lend its good offices and its assistance, both moral and material, to those of its sister-societies which may respond to this urgent appeal.

Last Updated November 2019