Doctoral Dissertations Written Under Supervision of A Adrian Albert

We list below 30 students who have been awarded doctorates advised by Adrian Albert together with the date they were awarded their Ph.D. and the title of their thesis. All these were awarded their doctorates by the University of Chicago, except Marguerite Josephine Straus Frank who received her Ph.D. from Harvard University. We note that the majority went on to academic careers and advised their own Ph.D. students.

1934 Antoinette Marie Killen Huston: The integral bases of all quartic fields with a group of order eight.

1934 Oswald Karl Sagen: The integers represented by sets of positive ternary quadratic non-classic forms.

1936 Daniel Maccabaeus Dribin: Representations of binary forms by sets of ternary forms.

1937 Harriet Rees: Ideals in cubic and certain quartic fields.

1938 Leonard Tornheim: Integral sets of quaternion algebras over a function field.

1938 Sam Perlis: Maximal orders in rational cyclic algebras of composite degree.

1938 Fannie Wilson Boyce: Certain types of nilpotent algebras.

1940 Albert Neuhaus: Products of normal semi-fields.

1941 Frank Lionel Martin: Integral domains in quartic fields.

1941 Anatol Rapoport: Construction of non-Abelian fields with prescribed arithmetic.

1942 Richard Donald Schafer: Alternative algebras over an arbitrary field.

1942 Gerhard Karl Kalisch: On special Jordan algebras.

1943 Roy Dubisch: Composition of quadratic forms.

1946 Daniel Zelinsky: Integral sets of quasiquaternion algebras.

1950 Charles Morton Price: Jordan division algebras and their arithmetics.

1950 Nathan Joseph Divinsky: Power-associativity and crossed extension algebras.

1951 Murray Gerstenhaber: Rings of derivations.

1951 David McCray Merriell: On almost alternative flexible algebras.

1951 Louis Max Weiner: Lie admissible algebras.

1952 John Thomas Moore: Primary central division algebras.

1952 Louis A Kokoris: New results on power-associative algebras.

1954 Eugene C Paige Jr: Jordan algebras of characteristic 2.

1954 Marguerite Josephine Straus Frank: A new class of simple Lie algebras of characteristic p.

1954 Robert Harvey Oehmke: A class of non-commutative power associative algebras.

1956 Richard Earl Block: New simple Lie algebras of prime characteristic.

1957 James Marshall Osborn: Commutative diassociative loops.

1959 Laurence Raymond Harper: Some properties of partially stable algebras.

1961 Peter Francis George Stanek: Two-element generation of the symplectic group.

1961 Ruben Sandler: Autotopism groups of some finite nonassociative algebras.

1964 Robert Bruce Brown: Lie algebras of types E6E_{6} and E7E_{7}.

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