Leonard Carlitz' Ph.D. students

We list below Leonard Carlitz' 45 Ph.D. students. We give the year of their Ph.D. the name of the student, and the title of their thesis.

1940, Ernest Franklin Canaday, The sum of the divisors of a polynomial.

1941, Herbert Leonard Lee, Power sums of polynomials in a Galois field.

1941, Luther Irwin Wade Jr., Certain quantities transcendental over the field GF[pn,x]GF[p^{n}, x].

1942, Theodore Samuel George, Concerning the equilibrium point of the Green's function for an n-dimensional spherical annulus.

1947, Eckford Cohen, Sums of an even number of squares in GF[pn,x]GF[p^{n}, x].

1950, James R Garrett, Normal equations and resolvents in fields of characteristic p.

1951, Joseph A Silva, Representation of arithmetic functions in GF[pn,x]GF[p^{n}, x] with values in an arbitrary field.

1951, Stephen M Spencer Jr., Transcendental numbers over certain function fields.

1953, Gordon Cleaves Byers, Class number formulas for quadratic forms over GF[q,x]GF[q, x].

1954, Frank R Olson, Arithmetic properties of Bernoulli numbers of higher order.

1954, Robert G Pohrer, On the solution of equations in a finite field.

1955, John H Hodges, Some matric equations in a finite field.

1957, Harry Herbert Corson III, Systems of equations in a finite field.

1957, J Robert Johnson, Jr., Congruence properties of certain difference equations.

1958, Waleed A Al-Salam, The Bessel polynomials and some related functions.

1960, Harlan Riley Stevens, The Hurwitz product of sequences satisfying a generalized Kummer's congruence.

1962, Robert Merriman McConnel, Pseudo-ordered polynomials over a finite field.

1963, David Ryan Hayes, The distribution of irreducibles in GF[q,x]GF[q, x].

1963, Robert Guy Van Meter, The number of solutions of certain systems of equations in a finite field.

1963, Stephan Robert Cavior, Equivalence classes of functions over a finite field.

1965, Andrew Fleming Long Jr., Factorable polynomials in several indeterminates over a finite field.

1965, Charles Alexander Church Jr., Some permutations with restricted positions.

1965, Charles Frederick Wells, Permutation polynomials over finite fields.

1965, David Paul Roselle, Generalized Eulerian functions and a problem in partitions.

1965, Korandattil Venugopalan Menon, Inequalities for symmetric functions.

1965, Nadhla Abdul-Halim Al-Salam, A class of hypergeometric polynomials.

1965, Robert Dutton Fray, Congruence properties and generating functions.

1966, Fredric Timothy Howard, A sequence of numbers related to the exponential function.

1967, Lois Jean Reid, Operational equations for some symmetric q-polynomials.

1968, John Timoth Anderson, A generalization of the Bernoulli and Stirling numbers.

1969, Carl George Wagner, Interpolation polynomials over the function fields GF(q,x)GF(q, x).

1969, Roger Connell Grimson, Enumeration of rectangular arrays.

1969, William Calvin Dunning, On the solution of cubic equations in a finite field.

1970, Humphrey Hadon Nash, Single variable Bell polynomials.

1971, David Corey Kurtz, Concavity and asymptotic properties of arrays of numbers.

1971, Henry Gordon Williams Jr., An extension of the Simon Newcomb problem.

1971, James Richard Krabill, Generalized Dedekind-Rademacher sums.

1971, Richard Howard Hudson, On the distribution of quadratic residues and non-residues.

1972, Anthony Edward Barkauskas, Analytic and algebraic properties of Lommel polynomials.

1972, Margaret Jones Hodel, Enumeration of certain sequences.

1972, Theresa Phillips Vaughan, Linear transformations and polynomials over finite fields.

1973, Elaine Elliston Alexander, Stirling and Eulerian operators.

1974, Frances Chevarley Edmonds, Enumeration of rectangular arrays of a given size.

1974, Morris, Stephen Brent, Permutations by cutting and shuffling - a generalization to q-dimension

1977, Jo Ann Lutz, Correspondences and admissible polynomials.

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