George Carrier's Ph.D. students

We list below George Carrier's Ph.D. students giving their Name, University, Year of Award, Title of Dissertation.

  1. Harry Igor Ansoff, Brown University, 1948; Dissertation: The Forming Of A Plastic Sheet Between Fixed Cylindrical Guides With Coulomb Friction.

  2. Samuel Noah Karp, Brown University, 1948; Dissertation: On Some Problems In Compressible Flutter Theory.

  3. Herschel Weil, Brown University, 1948; Dissertation: On The Extrusion Of A Very Viscous Liquid.

  4. Francis Edward Ehlers, Brown University, 1949; Dissertation: The Transonic Flow Through A De Laval Nozzle.

  5. Morton Finston, Brown University, 1949; Dissertation: Thermal Effects In Calendering Viscous Fluids.

  6. Richard Calvin Roberts, Brown University, 1949; Dissertation: Unsteady One-Dimensional Flow Of A Compressible Fluid Through A Porous Medium.

  7. Hirsh Gerald Cohen, Brown University, 1950; Dissertation: Subharmonic Synchronization For The Forced Van Der Pol Equation.

  8. Norman Bray Haaser, Brown University, 1950; Dissertation: The Viscous Flow Past A Flat Plate.

  9. John Allen Lewis, Brown University, 1950; Dissertation: Free Convection In Commercial Insulting Materials.

  10. Simon Ostrach, Brown University, 1950; Dissertation: A Boundary Layer Problem In The Theory Of Free Convection.

  11. Alice Winzer, Brown University, 1950; Dissertation: Discontinuous Solutions In Problems In The Theory Of Plasticity.

  12. Joel Saul Isenberg, Brown University, 1951; Dissertation: Part I: On Some Problems In Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow. Part II: Supersonic Flow Past A Solid Body - Two-Dimensional Case.

  13. Stephen Harold Maslen, Brown University, 1952; Dissertation: Supersonic Conical Flow.

  14. Frithiof Igor Niord Niordson, Brown University, 1952; Dissertation: Transmission Of Shock Waves In Thin-Walled Cylindrical Tubes.

  15. Kuo-Tai Yen, Brown University, 1952; Dissertation: On The Construction Of High Speed Flows.

  16. Julian Adem, Brown University, 1953; Dissertation: On The Axially-Symmetric Steady Wave Propagation Inelastic Circular Rods.

  17. John Lawrence Brown, Brown University, 1953; Dissertation: On Transient Heat Transfer Through A Laminar Boundary Layer.

  18. Irving Kanter, Brown University, 1953; Dissertation: The Response Of A Strong Oblique Shock Wave To An Arbitrary Disturbance In The Downstream Pressure Field.

  19. Pauline Chisholm Mann, Brown University, 1953; Dissertation: The Interaction Of An Acoustic Wave And An Elastic Spherical Shell.

  20. Harvey Philip Greenspan, Harvard University, 1956; Dissertation: Generation of Edge Waves by Moving Pressure Distributions.

  21. Paul Concus, Harvard University, 1959; Dissertation: Effects of a Magnetic Field on Natural Convection in a Toroidal Channel.

  22. Robert Gilbert Payton, Harvard University, 1959; Dissertation: Transient Interaction of an Acoustic Wave with a Circular Cylindrical Elastic Shell.

  23. Allan Richard Robinson, Harvard University, 1959; Dissertation: Thermal Convection in Rotating Systems.

  24. Sheldon Weinbaum, Harvard University, 1963; Dissertation: Natural convection phenomena in horizontal circular cylinders.

  25. Howard Richard Baum, Harvard University, 1964; Dissertation: On Hypersonic Small Disturbance Theory for Steady Flow.

  26. Francis Edward Fendell, Harvard University, 1964; Dissertation: Ignition And Extinction In Combustion of Initially Unmixed Reactants.

  27. James Edward Mann, Harvard University 1964; Dissertation: The Baffled Resonator.

  28. Montgomery Wilson Slatkin, Harvard University, 1970; Dissertation: Dispersal and Selection in Natural Populations.

  29. James Cyrus McWilliams, Harvard University, 1971; Dissertation: The Boundary Layer Dynamics of Symmetric Vortices.

  30. Joseph Dwan Myers, Harvard University, 1990; Dissertation: Streamwise Vortices In Laminar-Turbulent Transition.

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