Donald Solitar (1932-2008).

Donald Solitar enjoyed writing poetry. We have included one of Donald's own poems in his biography.

The poem below, written by Benjamin Baumslag, is about Donald Solitar and written in a similar style to the poems Donald wrote:
You could hear him coming from afar,
Laughing and joking my friend Solitar,
He liked to give and give he did,
And there were even deserters he hid,
Since he did not like the war in Vietnam,
Nor did the rest of us but we kept mum,
For he indeed was a man of conscience,
And he did not believe in supporting nonsense,
His marriage of thirty years he started late,
But then it turned out to be first rate,
His closest friend was Abe Karass,
Who unfortunately died to soon alas,
With Magnus the friends wrote a famous book,
And in the libraries it is there for us to look,
Like quicksilver was the speed of his mind,
I do not think we will again see his kind.

Last Updated January 2015