Emma Castelnuovo Note

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Emma Castelnuovo UMI (the Italian Mathematical Union) has published a special issue of its journal dedicated to her (La Matematica nella Società e nella Cultura, 6). It contains articles on various aspects of Emma's career and personality.

For a full account of Emma's life see:

M Menghini, The commitment of Emma Castelnuovo to creating a new generation of mathematics teachers, in:
K Bjarnadóttir, F Furinghetti, J Prytz and G Schubring (eds.), Dig where you stand 3 (Department of Education, Uppsala University, Uppsala, to appear).

In the list of the websites at the end of Emma Castelnuovo's biography (reproduced below) there are the addresses of the website containing the list of Emma's publication and the website from which most texts may be downloaded. Emma's legacy is outlined in the website by Lanciano. For the history and the main characters of CIEAEM see in the website of this Commission. For the history and the main characters of ICMI see the website designed by Furinghetti and Giacardi.
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