Jacques Herbrand's accident

The following two extracts concerning Jacques Herbrand's mountaineering accident are taken from the paper Le Temps. The first appeared on 29 July 1931, and the second on the following day:-

1. We have just learned from Le Bérarde that a new accident has occurred on the Pelvoux plateau: a young man, part of a three-man company from Lyons, has fallen to his death.

2. Mountaineering accidents: We mentioned yesterday that a young man, part of a company of Alpinists climbing in the area of Le Bérarde, fell to his death. he was M Jacques Herbrand, residing at 10 rue Viollet-le-duc, Paris. M Herbrand departed Sunday with three comrades, MM Jean Brille, Pierre Delair, and Henri Guigner, to ascend the Baus. During the descent, the piton to which the line was attached gave way, carrying with it a small platform on which M Herbrand was situated, and fell into a chasm. A rescue party has left to seek the body, which it hopes to reach today.

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