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We give here the contents of three books published by Konrad Knopp. The first is Infinite Sequences and Series which contains the following publisher's information:-
One of the finest expositors in the field of modern mathematics, Dr Konrad Knopp here concentrates on a topic that is of particular interest to 20th-century mathematicians and students. He develops the theory of infinite sequences and series from its beginnings to a point where the reader will be in a position to investigate more advanced stages on his own. The foundations of the theory are therefore presented with special care, while the developmental aspects are limited by the scope and purpose of the book.

All definitions are clearly stated; all theorems are proved with enough detail to make them readily comprehensible. The author begins with the construction of the system of real and complex numbers, covering such fundamental concepts as sets of numbers abd functions of real and complex variables. In the treatment of sequences and series that follows, he covers arbitrary and null sequences; sequences and sets of numbers; convergence and divergence; Cauchy's limit theorem; main tests for sequences; and infinite series. Chapter three deals with main tests for infinite series and operating with convergent series. Chapters four and five explain power series and the development of the theory of convergence, while chapter six treats expansion of the elementary functions. The book concludes with a discussion of numerical and closed evaluation of series.

Here is the list of chapter headings of the text:


Chapter 1. Introduction and Prerequisites
1.1 Preliminary remarks concerning sequences and series
1.2 Real and complex numbers
1.3 Sets of numbers
1.4 Functions of a real and of a complex variable

Chapter 2. Sequences and Series
2.1 Arbitrary sequences. Null sequences
2.2 Sequences and sets of numbers
2.3 Convergence and divergence
2.4 Cauchy's limit theorem and its generalizations
2.5 The main tests for sequences
2.6 Infinite series

Chapter 3. The Main Tests for Infinite Series. Operating with Convergent Series
3.1 Series of positive terms: The first main test and the comparison tests of the first and second kind
3.2 The radical test and the ratio test
3.3 Series of positive, monotonically decreasing terms
3.4 The second main test
3.5 Absolute convergence
3.6 Operating with convergent series
3.7 Infinite products

Chapter 4. Power Series
4.1 The circle of convergence
4.2 The functions represented by power series
4.3 Operating with power series. Expansion of composite functions
4.4 The inversion of a power series

Chapter 5. Development of the Theory of Convergence
5.1 The theorems of Abel, Dini, and Pringsheim
5.2 Scales of convergence tests
5.3 Abel's partial summation. Lemmas
5.4 Special comparison tests of the second kind
5.5 Abel's and Dirichlet's tests and their generalizations
5.6 Series transformations
5.7 Multiplication of series

Chapter 6. Expansion of the Elementary Functions
6.1 List of the elementary functions
6.2 The rational functions
6.3 The exponential function and the circular functions
6.4 The logarithmic function
6.5 The general power and the binomial series
6.6 The cyclometric functions

Chapter 7. Numerical and Closed Evaluation of Series
7.1 Statement of the problem
7.2 Numerical evaluations and estimations of remainders
7.3 Closed evaluations


Next we give the contents of Knopp's famous book Theory of Functions.

Section I. Fundamental Concepts

Chapter 1. Numbers and Points
1. Prerequisites
2. The Plane and Sphere of Complex Numbers
3. Point Sets and Sets of Numbers
4. Paths, Regions, Continua

Chapter 2. Functions of a Complex Variable
5. The Concept of a Most General (Single-valued) Function of a Complex Variable
6. Continuity and Differentiability
7. The Cauchy-Riemann Differential Equations

Section II. Integral Theorems

Chapter 3. The Integral of a Continuous Function
8. Definition of the Definite Integral
9. Existence Theorem for the Definite Integral
10. Evaluation of Definite Integrals
11. Elementary Integral Theorems

Chapter 4. Cauchy's Integral Theorem
12. Formulation of the Theorem
13. Proof of the Fundamental Theorem
14. Simple Consequences and Extensions

Chapter 5. Cauchy's Integral Formulas
15. The Fundamental Formula
16. Integral Formulas for the Derivatives

Section III. Series and the Expansion of Analytic Functions in Series

Chapter 6. Series with Variable Terms
17. Domain of Convergence
18. Uniform Convergence
19. Uniformly Convergent Series of Analytic Functions

Chapter 7. The Expansion of Analytic Functions in Power Series
20. Expansion and Identity Theorems for Power Series
21. The Identity Theorem for Analytic Functions

Chapter 8. Analytic Continuation and Complete Definition of Analytic Functions
22. The Principle of Analytic Continuation
23. The Elementary Functions
24. Continuation by Means of Power Series and Complete Definition of Analytic Functions
25. The Monodromy Theorem
26. Examples of Multiple-valued Functions

Chapter 9. Entire Transcendental Functions
27. Definitions
28. Behaviour for Large z| z |

Section IV. Singularities

Chapter 10. The Laurent Expansion
29. The Expansion
30. Remarks and Examples

Chapter 11. The Various types of Singularities
31. Essential and Non-essential Singularities or Poles
32. Behaviour of Analytic Functions at Infinity
33. The Residue Theorem
34. Inverses of Analytic Functions
35. Rational Functions


Finally we look at the contents of another famous book by Knopp, namely Problem Book in the Theory of Functions:-
Volume I contains more than 300 elementary problems dealing with fundamental concepts, infinite sequences and series, functions of a complex variable, conformal mapping, and more.

Volume II features over 230 problems in advanced theory - singularities, entire and meromorphic functions, periodic functions, analytic continuation, multiple-valued functions and Riemann surfaces, and more. Solution hints are provided, plus complete solutions to all problems.

Chapter I. Fundamental Concepts
1. Numbers and Points. Problems; Answers
2. Point Sets. Paths. Regions. Problems; Answers

Chapter II. Infinite Sequences and Series
3. Limits of Sequences. Infinite Series with Constant Terms. Problems; Answers
4. Convergence Properties of Power Series. Problems; Answers

Chapter III. Functions of a Complex Variable
5. Limits of Functions. Continuity and Differentiability. Problems; Answers
6. Simple Properties of the Elementary Functions. Problems; Answers

Chapter IV. Integral Theorems
7. Integration in the Complex Domain. Problems; Answers
8. Cauchy's Integral Theorems and Integral Formulas. Problems; Answers

Chapter V. Expansion in Series
9. Series with Variable Terms. Uniform Convergence. Problems; Answers
10. Expansion in Power Series. Problems; Answers
11. Behaviour of Power Series on the Circle of Convergence. Problems; Answers

Chapter V. Conformal Mapping
12. Linear Functions. Stereographic Projection. Problems; Answers
13. Simple Non-Linear Mapping Problems. Problems; Answers

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