Cambridge University Press praises Sidney Loney

Most of Sidney Loney's books were published by Cambridge University Press and, as most publishers, they selected extracts from reviews to advertise the books. Below we give a number of these extracts. In each case we give the publication from which the review came but we do not give which of Loney's books it refers to nor the date of the review. We list these in alphabetical order of the publication:

1. Review by the Athenaeum.
This is one of the best and most complete treatises on elementary dynamics which have come before us for a long time. The principles of the subject are stated with great clearness, and the illustrative examples are very appropriate. We have been particularly struck with the manner in which the author combines perspicuity with brevity in his short chapter on "units and dimensions," a subject which, though apparently very simple, often presents considerable difficulties to a beginner. Special praise is also due to his chapter on the "hodograph" and "normal accelerations.
2. Review by the Cambridge Review.
Mr Loney may be congratulated on the production of a most valuable text-book, at once simple and complete. The earlier chapters on uniformly accelerated motion and the laws of motion are treated with extreme simplicity. ... A chapter of wrought-out examples clears up many difficulties which the beginner experiences in tackling problems, but which could scarcely be explained in the text. We are glad to see that the method of the hodograph is used in treating of normal acceleration, and that cycloidal motion is considered as a case of simple harmonic motion.
3. Review by the Educational Review.
The author has not made a special point of developing any one particular branch of the subject, but his work is of uniform character throughout, and, we may add, of uniformly good quality. ... The arrangement of sections is excellent; the attention is clearly directed to important points, and the style in which the book is produced may be fairly described as luxurious.
4. Review by the Glasgow Herald.
Students reading for the different examinations at Cambridge, for the London University Matriculation, and Intermediate Science, and for the Woolwich Entrance Examinations, will find a statement of the part of the book to be read on this subject. Mr Loney deserves much praise for the uniformly high standard he has shown in this his latest effort.
5. Review by the Glasgow Herald.
Mr Loney's text-book is sure to be widely used in the several mathematical classes where sound work is expected. The publisher's part of the work is also most admirably done.
6. Review by Nature.
It would be difficult to find a better introduction to Plane Trigonometry.
7. Review by the National Teacher (Ireland).
Seldom do such books come under the notice of the reviewer. For conciseness and clearness it has few compeers. It is deep without dullness; comprehensive without wearisomeness. It comes before us with a newness and freshness almost amounting to novelty.
8. Review by the Practical Teacher.
Among its numerous competitors it cannot fail to attain a deservedly high and popular position.
9. Review by the School Guardian.
It is a model of method, clearness, and accuracy; and the simplicity of its explanations, its numerous illustrative diagrams, and its large and varied collection of exercises and examples combine to render it especially suitable for the use of young pupils and private students. ... The typography of the volume is in every respect admirable.
10. Review by the Schoolmaster.
Mr Loney, using the soundest judgment in his choice of matter, presents it with inimitable brevity and clearness; the publishers, too, have vied with the author in their efforts to excel, and, as a result, the book is in every way worthy of commendation.
11. Review by the School Review.
The author has succeeded in his purpose to produce "a fairly complete elementary text-book on Plane Trigonometry." The faithful student of this treatise "will have little to unlearn when he commences to read treatises of a more difficult character." The style is clear and simple; even when it is diffuse, the author never hides his thoughts with words either large or small. It is a work that will well repay the reading.
12. Review by the Science And Art.
In the analytical part of the subject, considerable attention has been given to complex quantities, and the author is to be congratulated on the lucid way in which he has treated them. ... The book may be strongly recommended as a first-rate text-book.
13. Review by the Scotsman.
It expounds the subject with a skill and fullness which give evidence of a peculiar experience in teaching and of a special appreciation of the needs of students.
14. Review by the Speaker.
Mr Loney as a writer of elementary mathematical treatises maintains a high standard. His Elementary Dynamics is marked by its brevity and clearness and deserves its success. ... The Cambridge Press has every reason to be proud of its achievement.
15. Review by the University Correspondent.
It is well written and the chapters relating to the changes of sign and magnitude of trigonometrical ratios in different quadrants are especially deserving of praise.

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