MacRobert appointed to Glasgow Chair

Thomas Murray MacRobert was appointed to the Chair of Mathematics at the University of Glasgow in July 1927. The University made the following announcement of his appointment to the Press:


To the Chair of Mathematics, about to be vacated by the resignation of Professor Gibson, LL.D., the Court of Glasgow University has appointed Dr Thomas Murray MacRobert, University Lecturer in Mathematics.

Dr MacRobert, who was born in 1834, is a son of the Rev. T MacRobert, M.A., Dreghorn, a former president of the Congregational Union of Scotland. He entered Glasgow University in 1901, and graduated in 1905 with first-class honours in mathematics and natural philosophy, obtaining at the same time the Euing Fellowship in Mathematics. In 1907 he gained the Ferguson Scholarship in mathematics, open to all the Scottish Universities. From 1905 to 1910 he pursued his Mathematical studies at Trinity College, Cambridge, gaining a first-class in the first part, and a Wranglership in the second part of the Mathematical Tripos. Since 1910 he has been an assistant and lecturer in Mathematics in Glasgow University. In 1916 he graduated D.Sc., and was awarded the William Jack Prize as the author of the best work on a Mathematical subject submitted as a thesis during the preceding four years. Dr MacRobert is a member of the Mathematical Revision Committee of the Scottish Universities Entrance Board, and is degree examiner in Mathematics for the University of New Zealand. He has also acted as a degree-examiner for the University of St Andrews. He is the author of a text-book on "Functions of a Complex Variable," and of a treatise on "Spherical Harmonics" which is expected to appear shortly. He collaborated with the late Professor Andrew Gray in the revision of Gray and Mathew's "Bessel Functions," and had a large share in the editing of the second edition of Bromwich's "Infinite Series." He has published numerous original papers in the Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. During the war Dr MacRobert saw active service in France as an officer in the Royal Garrison Artillery.

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