Selected papers of Edward Marczewski Preface

The Collected papers of Edward Marczewski were published in 1996 by the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The volume is edited by and contains a preface by Stanislaw Hartman, Andrzej Hulanicki, Anzelm Iwanik, Zbigniew Lipecki, Czeslaw Ryll-Nardzewski and Kazimierz Urbanik. Also contained in the work is a biography of Edward Marczewski by Roman Duda and Stanislaw Hartman, and reminiscence from J Lo which is a six page article full of insights and historical information. This volume contains 92 of Marczewski's 97 research papers, 40 of which are in English, and the remaining 57 are in French.

We quote from the Preface to the volume:-

[Edward Szpilrajn (1907-1976) - who later changed his name to Marczewski while hiding from Nazi persecution] was one of the most distinguished Polish mathematicians. He was a disciple and an active member of the Warsaw School of Mathematics between the two World Wars. Marczewski's life and work after the Second World War were connected with Wroclaw, where he was among the creators of the Polish scientific centre. The scientific output of E Marczewski consists of nearly one hundred research papers and announcements published within the years 1930-1970. Until the late fifties his main fields of interest were measure theory, descriptive set theory, general topology and probability theory. In that period he also published isolated papers dealing with real and complex analysis, applied mathematics and mathematical logic. In the sixties his research interests concentrated on problems connected with the notion of independence in universal algebra and resulted in 17 papers published from 1958.

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