Marischal College Examination

The following is taken from The Sessional Papers of the House of Lords: Session 1839, Vol XXXVII (Oxford University, 1838). We have retained the old-fashioned language and spelling:

Excerpt from the Presentation in favour of Mr Colin McLaurin, engrossed in the Minute of his admission to the Professorship of Mathematics, September 20, 1717.

At Aberdeen, the 11th day of September, 1717 years, in presence of the Provost, Baillies, and Counsell of Aberdeen, &c. &c.:

The saids Magistrates and Counsell had caused emmitt programs for supplying the said vacancy, and had elected Mr Charles Gregorie, Professor of Mathematics in St Andrews, and Mr Alex Burnett, Regent in the King's College of Aberdeen, as qualifyed persons to take tryall of any candidates that should appear for the said vacant Profession; and accordingly Mr Colin McLaurin, Student of Divinity in the College of Glasgow, and Mr Walter Bowman, son to Walter Bowman of Logie, had appeared and sisted themselves to undergo tryall; and the said Mr Charles Gregorie and Mr Alex Burnett gave in the report following, viz.:
They do think that both the saids Mr Colin McLaurin and Mr Walter Bowman are capable to teach the Mathematics any where. In most of the tryalls in the inferiour parts of the Mathematics there was no great odds; only in Euclid Mr Bowman was much readier and distincter; and in the last tryall Mr McLaurin plainly appeared better acquainted with the speculative and higher parts of the Mathematics; and they conclude that they both excel in their own way: Mr Bowman only hath applied himself to these things that are commonly taught, and Mr McLaurin hath made further advances

(sic subscribitur). Charles Gregorie, Alex Burnett.
Which report having been read, seen, and considered by the saids Provost, Baillies, and Councill, and they being at length ripely and well advised, they unanimously nominat, presented, and admitted, and hereby nominats, presents, and admits the said Mr Colin McLaurin to be Professor of Mathematics in the said new College of Aberdeen, &c. &c.

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